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On-demand Webinar

Deploy the 5G future faster with Network Lifecycle Automation

As 5G implementation is accelerated to enable new B2B/B2C use cases and new business models, CSPs need to keep up with the growth in network complexity, virtualization, explosion of traffic, devices and cost pressure.  At same time, network performance, central to the overall customer experience, needs to be improved to fulfill demanding quality expectations, retain existing subscribers and attract new ones. 
Watch the recording of this webinar where you’ll learn from our experts how Network Lifecycle Automation allows CSPs to deliver the potential of mobile networks faster, simpler and more cost effectively.
Agenda and key topics include:

  • CSPs’ operational challenges to deliver on 5G commitment
  • Why network operation automation has become a top strategic imperative for operators?
  • Automation use cases and the diversity of automated mechanisms
  • Network Lifecycle Automation – a new approach to automate across lifecycle stages, as well as network and data domains
  • Implementing the automation journey with integrated and open tools, processes and analytics
  • Network Lifecycle Automation implementation cases and proven benefits