Webinars on Demand: Small Cells, Wi-Fi, LTE and Backhaul

Astrid Wastegård
Aug. 8 2013

By Astrid Wastegard, Product Marketing Manager, Infovista

Infovista has hosted several webinars over the course of 2012-13. We know that you may not have had as much free time to join these discussions, but it's not too late to learn about our takes on hot industry trends like small cells, LTE and capacity planning. Why not watch and listen while you enjoy the summer sun? Below are a few of my recommendations — we hope you can take in some surf, sand…and webinars!

LTE Heterogeneous Networks & Carrier Wi-Fi: What is the Opportunity?

  • Wi-Fi is an increasingly cost-effective solution for mobile operators to deal with the large increase in consumer data demand. However, Wi-Fi comes with its own set of challenges, such as capacity limits and interference. In this webinar Bernard Breton discuss the difficulties associated with Wi-Fi as well as address its potential as a data offloading solution for 3G networks.

Using Mentum Planet for Optimal Small Cell Placement

  • With traffic demand growing rapidly, small cells provide a solution for mobile operators to increase the capacity of their networks. To that end, Mentum Planet assists mobile operators in automatic site placement and small cell planning to ensure that deployments are optimized. In this webinar, Product Manager Gregory Donnard will dive into how Mentum Planet can help mobile operators pinpoint ideal hotspot locations, determine the optimal number of small cells and maximize their return on investment.

Using Mentum Fusion to Integrate Third-Party Data Sources with Mentum Planet

  • Infovista's automation platform, Mentum Fusion, can work alongside Mentum Planet and its Data Manager in order to help integrate beneficial external data sources, as well as make it easier to leverage geospatial region and point data stored in maps. In this webinar, Product Manager Ryan Dussiaume demonstrates how Mentum Fusion helps reduce the overhead of manual data integration and complications associated with scripted processes.

Assuring LTE Services with a Next-Generation Backhaul Performance Analysis Framework

  • Mobile operators are dealing with a complex transition from 3G to 4G / LTE, necessitating that architectural changes are made across their backhaul and Radio Access network infrastructure. In this webinar, my colleague, Juan Prieto, demonstrates how a unified LTE service performance assurance framework, enabled by high-performing backhaul networks, can help meet mobile operators' service quality expectations and operational excellence objectives. He also covers key network performance monitoring requirements to ensure service quality is maintained and improved throughout the evolution to 4G.

Bringing Science to the Art of Backbone Capacity Planning — A Flow- and Analytics-Based Approach

  • The growing number of new capacity-hungry services being released by communications service providers (CSPs) is causing stress on legacy infrastructure, forcing operators to overhaul their networks and build out backhaul components. During this webinar, attendees can learn how to leverage a flow-based capacity methodology that can help reduce pressure on CSPs' infrastructures and plan future network investments. As a result of this process, the depth and accuracy of network data can be improved to help inform CSPs' decisions regarding CAPEX outlays.
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