Webinar: Managing and Optimizing Subscriber QoE with Geo-Located Subscriber Intelligence

Affandy Johan
Nov. 23 2015

To avoid costly failures and reduce subscriber churn, mobile operators are constantly striving to meet their customers' expectations for network quality — even in the face of ongoing fluctuations in network utilization patterns and swiftly growing capacity demands. To navigate these increasingly complex needs, operators must be able to better track quality of service (QoS) and improve customers' quality of experience (QoE). To do this effectively, they need visibility into and contextual understanding of both network performance and subscriber behavior.

But, operators often struggle to obtain a comprehensive view of their subscriber perceived quality performance due to limited insight into meaningful subscriber KPIs and geo-location analytics. This leads to optimization troubles when there is a mismatch between the performance that subscribers are experiencing with the performance reported by the network. Without the ability to accurately visualize network and subscriber behavior, operators are at risk of angering customers, including VIP customers such as the CFO of a global enterprise, due to a poor network experience.

world of commerceWith this in mind, on Tuesday, November 24th at 10:00 a.m. EST / 4:00 p.m. CET, Infovista will hold a webinar about scaling back subscriber churn through a network planning and optimization strategy that takes both subscribers and network performance into account. RF planning and optimization teams will learn how to establish where degradation occurs and proactively fix network issues long before subscribers are disturbed.

Mobile operators can get ahead of these issues by delving into subscriber metrics for a complete view of the network performance, resulting in a better understanding of the network from the subscriber perspective. This kind of holistic vantage point has become crucial to successfully reducing subscriber churn and keeping revenue streams healthy, all while mitigating CAPEX and OPEX.

Learn more by registering for the November 24thwebinar here.

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