Webinar: Improving the customer experience with subscriber-aware mobile network optimization

Affandy Johan
Feb. 4 2014

Implementing next-generation mobile technologies like 4G and LTE has continued to be a top priority for mobile operators. In fact, in a recent Mobile Europe survey, the majority of them cited “improving customer experience” as the reason for investing in such infrastructure.

And, yet, many of these newer technologies have posed a challenge for mobile operators, in part because of the strain they bring to the mobile network planning process. Coupled with the world's increasing dependence on data and smart devices, mobile operators have had no choice but to deploy more 4G and LTE network elements, to meet the growing global demand for mobile bandwidth and maintain the high quality of experience (QoE) subscribers expect. But, as a result, many are struggling to effectively and efficiently manage their existing mobile networks, including planning for future demand and optimizing existing capacity and resources.

To achieve this, mobile operators must have a comprehensive view of their networks and incorporate subscribers' quality of service (QoS) levels. This is easier said than done, though, as traditional methods of monitoring radio access network (RAN) performance are generally unable to meet the demands of this new, more customer-centric, mobile era. Therefore, tools that allow mobile operators to take an in-depth look into customers' network activity have not only proved themselves critical for improving subscriber QoS and decreasing churn, but act as an important aspect of attracting new customers.

During a Telecoms.com webinar on Tuesday, February 11th at 11:00 a.m. EST / 4:00 p.m. GMT, I will address the importance of subscriber-aware mobile network optimization and explain how it can help to overcome RAN's biggest challenges. With valuable subscriber insight and call trace data, mobile operators can improve customers' QoE by making their networks smarter than ever.

In addition to attending our February 11th webinar, I invite you to learn more about the value of subscriber-aware data. Any questions? Stop by our booth (#7G45) at Mobile World Congress next month, or leave a comment for me below!

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