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Private 5G network assurance – what is it and why does it matter?

Gavin Hayhurst
Jul. 27 2023

The growth in private mobile networks is bringing fresh network testing challenges, specifically private 5G network assurance, to the enterprises deploying them. In the most recent Private Mobile Networks Market Status report from the GSA, the global data reveals over 1,100 different organizations across multiple vertical markets, operating across 74 different countries, have deployed at least one commercial private mobile network. 

(GSA Snapshot: 4G & 5G Private Mobile Networks (June 2023)

This demand for private networks based on 4G LTE and increasingly 5G technologies is being driven by the escalating data, security, digitization and mobility requirements of modern enterprise and government entities. This is making private mobile networks business-critical and mission-critical to the organizations that rely on them for their connectivity.  

The business-critical nature of these networks means end-customers need visibility into the network performance and confidence that it is continuously performing up to standard. However, while mobile operators are deploying private 5G networks for many of their enterprise customers, their service assurance solutions are large and complex. 

This means it is often not feasible to give private network customers a view into the performance of their network via this avenue and customers are typically looking for a view of performance that is independent of their vendor.  

Enterprises need a solution that enables them to confirm that their private network is performing as expected without the help of an RF expert.   

In this blog, part of the series of use case-focused blogs where we look at how network testing is evolving, we’ll dig into private 5G network assurance and why automated remote monitoring holds the key to enabling enterprises to assure their private 4G/5G networks. 

What is private 5G network assurance 

Private 5G network assurance uses automated remote network monitoring to continuously validate the performance of a private network. For private networks, active monitoring of service performance is the perfect solution to understand the performance of the network. 

Why automated remote monitoring is key to assuring private 5G networks

Businesses using private mobile networks have 3 main needs for which automated remote monitoring emerges as a key solution: 

Overcoming RF expertise challenges

If your business is manufacturing, education or mining, assuring the private mobile network on which your organization presents a fresh challenge. It’s highly likely that while your tech team is expertly skilled in your specialist systems, monitoring a next-generation RF network simply isn’t part of the in-house expertise you have.  

Assuring business-critical private networks

While private mobile networks are typically small in comparison to a mobile operator’s own network, their business-critical nature means they must be assured. You need to know your network is performing as it should – your business depends on it. However, traditional service assurance solutions (like the networks they are designed to monitor) are large, complex and expensive, and not a feasible option to validate performance for a network of just 10s of cells. 

Embracing a proactive testing approach 

A proactive testing approach means private network customers can stay ahead of potential issues by continuously validating the network performance and have peace of mind their critical communications will deliver for the business 24x7. 

That’s why private 4G/5G network assurance requires an automated, remote monitoring solution that can: 

  • Be installed on-site and then left to continually monitor the performance of the network 
  • Present the results in an easy-to-understand format  
  • Immediately raise the alarm if a problem is detected 

This is where TEMS Sense comes in. For over 25 years, TEMS™ products have been recognized as the leading network testing solutions by mobile network operators and vendors worldwide. .  

As part of their multiple capabilities, TEMS products help you to deploy your private 4G/LTE and 5G network with minimal risk. 


The benefits of assuring your private 5G network with TEMS Sense 

Whether you’re a mobile operator delivering private mobile networks for your enterprise customers or a system integrator deploying private mobile connectivity in vertical markets, your end customer needs an automated remote monitoring solution that will give them confidence and visibility into how their business-critical infrastructure is performing. 

If your business is relying on a mobile private network, you want to be confident it is always performing optimally and be notified the instance it is not. This requires a remotely managed and automated testing solution delivering continuous monitoring and real-time analytics from key locations across the network.  

TEMS Sense is a phone-based remote testing solution delivering fully automated monitoring and real-time analytics. It can be mounted in key locations across a private 5G network. Units are remotely managed and controlled. A proactive testing approach means staying ahead of potential issues and ensuring your business can rely on its critical private 5G network communications. 

The benefits of delivering automated remote monitoring for private 4G/5G network assurance with TEMS Sense include: 

Ensuring business-critical services 

Private mobile network customers can have peace of mind that their network is delivering the business-critical service required. 

Robust and reliable hardware

Take advantage of robust and reliable hardware that is designed to be left unattended and with built-in intelligence, including temperature and charging control to ensure successful 24x7 data collection. 

Early detection of issues 

Ensure early detection of issues with 24x7 monitoring to enable quick escalation and correction of service-impacting issues that occur. 

Automated alerts for swift action 

Automatically alert your mobile network operator or system integrator if a network performance problem is detected. 

In conclusion 

Ensuring your mobile private network delivers the business-critical connectivity you require is dependent upon your ability to plan, deploy and operate it. But doing this when RF isn’t your core competency can leave you blind to potential issues. 

By implementing automated remote monitoring, you can quickly identify and resolve connectivity issues and confirm your network can deliver the business-critical connectivity you require. This not only reduces risk by validating ‘fit-for-purpose’ connectivity but also improves mission-critical application reliability. 

Embracing a proactive monitoring approach helps you to stay ahead of potential issues, ensure application performance, and reduce the risk of business interruption. 

Are private networks part of your strategy? Get in touch with our technology experts to discuss how the automated remote monitoring solution can benefit your 4G/5G private mobile network.  

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