Network testing at busy airport

An eBook of 12 use cases

Evolving network testing

Find out how network testing is combining with orchestration and analytics to automate next-generation network testing processes.

To realize the benefits of 5G, you need to be able to quickly roll out your network and efficiently operate it. But at the same time, the complexity of deploying and optimizing new 5G networks and sites potentially takes more time, costs, and resources. 

Fortunately, as this eBook of real world use cases explores, there are ways to avoid this.

Roll out your 5G network quickly and efficiently by drawing on 12 use cases being deployed by mobile operators today. They will show you how your peers are  using next-generation, data-driven network testing to accelerate and optimize their 5G deployments.

You will learn from real examples how to successfully perform:

  • 5G site verification
  • Network troubleshooting and optimization
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • User experience testing
  • Indoor mobile network testing
  • Drone-based testing
  • Special event monitoring
  • Strategic location monitoring
  • Regression testing
  • Private 5G network assurance
  • Network testing post-processing and analytics
  • Centralized management of network testing
Preview of Evolving Network Testing eBook

Download the eBook “Evolving network testing – an eBook of 12 use cases” now and unlock the knowledge to efficiently operate your 5G network, improve the accuracy of your testing routines, be ready to face any scenario, and lead to improved network performance and customer satisfaction.