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New Infovista Solution Helps Mobile Operators Transition to LTE and Assure Service Quality over All-IP Infrastructure

Marc Lippe
Jan. 10 2012

According to a new Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) report, 285 mobile operators have committed to commercial LTE network deployments or are engaged in technology trials and testing. Although LTE is quickly becoming a popular solution to the growing demand for bandwidth fuelled by the explosive uptick in mobile data services, transitioning to its all-IP infrastructure, while ensuring the end-to-end performance of existing 3G networks and mobile services, is a complex process.

Mobile operators need to assure the quality of real-time, synchronous mobile services and applications over asynchronous IP, and overcome traditional network management silos that inhibit monitoring end-to-end service quality. They also have to efficiently collect massive amounts of vendor-specific LTE raw data to generate meaningful and actionable performance indicators and dashboards.

To help mobile operators overcome these challenges and successfully transition to LTE, Infovista is pleased to announce the availability of a single, unified service performance assurance solution capable of monitoring the entire 4G and 3G ecosystems to ensure subscribers' quality of experience (QoE) from the NGN Evolved packet core to IP backhaul to the Evolved RAN (E-UTRAN).

An extension of our long-standing expertise in the IP and Carrier Ethernet performance assurance space, Infovista's Service Performance Assurance Solution for LTE provides RAN engineering and operations with the flexibility and visibility needed to quickly resolve service-affecting problems and better assure network availability. Its actionable, out-of-the-box KPIs and KQIs, advanced analysis features and reporting capabilities also help mobile operators improve operational efficiencies and optimize IT costs.

The capabilities of LTE are certainly vast and exciting, from faster data transfer speeds, faster response time and multiple classes of services; however, the success of mobile operators' transitions will be determined by their ability to manage network performance and deliver a high QoE to subscribers. We look forward to discussing service assurance for LTE and the several proof-of-concepts Infovista currently has underway in the coming months.

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