NetAmerica & Infovista Collaborate for 4G LTE's Future

Ginny Gardea
Sep. 22 2014

As the chaos of CCA and Super Mobility Week fades, I am left to filter through the presentations and conversations that the event brought to bear. The subject that rises to the surface is that of collaboration, or partnership. This theme became a consistent and encouraging drumbeat throughout the conference.

Where service providers may at one time have had the luxury of self-sufficiency, rapidly evolving technology, escalating competition and declining federal support are forcing the evolution of new business models driven by partnerships. No man is an island. Those who can't or won't adapt to an inclusive culture will be left behind. No longer are solution providers simply a means to an end for a service provider, but are instead allies with a shared vision.

The success of large and small carriers isn't mutually exclusive when alliances are forged to leverage each party's unique strengths for a common goal. We are seeing new alignment within the industry–necessary symbiotic relationships that create a new ecosystem by which all active partners benefit. It's disruptive and exciting.

Businessman hand draws success words on whiteboardAt CCA, an executive from a large national carrier commented that, in any ecosystem, decisions may be made that might not seem to be in the immediate best interest of an individual entity. But, when made with the partnership in mind, these decisions will yield a far greater result for all involved–short-term personal sacrifice for long-term holistic gain. This is the definition of working smarter and fostering a multi-faceted community approach to a common problem. There is wisdom in acknowledging sacrifice as a critical component in a successful partner relationship.

NetAmerica's partnership with Infovista will empower our Members to deliver on the promise of 4G / LTE mobility to their customers by balancing mobile network cost efficiencies and minimizing the diverse risks inherent in next-generation mobile network planning, network deployment and network optimization. In this collaborative model, we embrace the industry evolution, and I'm extremely optimistic about the future of 4G / LTE in rural America as we band together for the greater good.

If you'd like to learn more about the NetAmerica Small Market Alliance for Rural Transformation (SMART) Alliance and how Infovista's interoperable solutions are helping to coordinate shared information throughout the entire project, I invite you to connect with me or with Infovista Senior Director, Jason Suplita, on LinkedIn.

Ginny Gardea — Director of Marketing

In her role as Director of Marketing for NetAmerica Alliance, Ms. Gardea is responsible for all aspects of PR, corporate and Member marketing, communications strategy and sales enablement.

Prior to joining NetAmerica, she served in various senior strategic product development, management and marketing roles for CHR Solutions and at the ILEC level for Canby Telcom, as well as Telecompetitor, Pivot Group and Quexor in a consultative capacity to enable success in the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 telecom space.  Ms. Gardea has worked across technical and operational disciplines to assimilate technical strengths into strategically positioned, value-based services working with both robust and modest budgets.

Ms. Gardea has a decade of experience in rural telecom.  Prior to entering the telecom market, she worked in commercial agriculture for one of the United States largest producer/processors of blueberries, where she directed operations and foreign and domestic sales negotiations.

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