Machine Intelligence Will Play a Central Role in Tomorrow’s 5G Networks

Machine Intelligence Will Play a Central Role in Tomorrow’s 5G Networks

Irina Cotanis
Feb. 21 2019

In most areas of modern technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be viewed as “nice-to-have” innovations. That is, when designed and trained effectively, AI can perform X task faster/more efficiently/at a lower cost than conventional human-centric approaches. Those can be significant benefits, and they’re perfectly good justifications for investing in AI. 

In the world of 5G technology domains, however, AI is actually business-critical. You simply can’t do the things you need to do without machine intelligence. If you’re working in 5G, you should know that planning and operating 5G networks definitely falls into that latter category. There is just too much complexity. Too much dynamicity. Too many use cases and applications, each with its own unique requirements. 

Yesterday’s approaches to network planning, monitoring, and optimization won’t work in a 5G world. Simply understanding the more diverse key performance indicators (KPIs)—much less their interactions and interdependencies—is more than any human engineer can handle. If we want to get to the world of automated, self-healing networks that operators envision, we’re going to need AI to get us there. 

AI in Action

  • Accelerate 5G business plans by automatically identifying the best sites for rollouts and expansions based on coverage/performance and capacity needs, as well as projected economic return
  • Minimize 5G planning costs through automated 3D RF planning and model-tuning based on automatic route calculation for precision drive tests 
  • Reduce rollout risks by automatically detecting root causes of issues (including localizing them in space, time, and network element), and prioritizing problems based on network and demographic data
  • Proactively improve customer experience by predicting service and coverage issues, network failures, and other problems through automated analysis of outlying patterns and data, validated against real-world end-user experience
  • Make smarter 5G investments and business decisions by assessing the viability of supporting new 5G verticals and network slices in a given region

Leading the Way

As the only vendor to address the complete network lifecycle, Infovista is a natural fit for these and other AI applications. After all, the success or failure of an AI initiative is rarely about the algorithms themselves. It’s about the data they’re trained on and the domain expertise guiding that training. 

Unlike vendors who focus on one type of testing or one stage in the life of the network, Infovista takes a holistic view. We bring expertise across core, edge, and RAN, and across network planning, monitoring, and ongoing optimization. We aggregate insights from all types of data sources: planning data, geodata, call trace, crowd-sourcing, device-based measurements. 

When we build machine intelligence into our 5G tools, we bring all that data and expertise to bear. Which means we’re ideally positioned to translate AI innovations into real-world benefits: Lowering costs. Accelerating rollouts. Proactively identifying and fixing problems before they affect your users. And delivering outstanding 5G customer experiences.

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Your customers are counting the minutes until 5G goes live. The last thing you want to do is go to market with an incomplete view of your network, and fractured tools to measure and optimize it. Let Infovista help you see the complete picture.

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