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Harnessing the Potential of Ethernet Backhaul


Mobile data traffic is continuously growing due to the rapid adoption of mobile social networking, video and audio streaming applications as well as increase in machine-to-machine (M2M) connections. Like my colleague, Marc Lippe, recently mentioned, Cisco's Visual Networking Index reported that it would reach 130 exabytes per year in 2016. The golden question is: How are mobile network operators (MNOs) supposed to successfully transport this massive amount of data traffic and manage the performance of their services during this continued growth?

For starters, a comprehensive Ethernet backhaul strategy is a great answer to this widespread challenge. If MNOs are going to turn to this solution though, they need to be prepared for the hurdles that await them, like getting acquainted with the new technology and managing its flexibility. So, how exactly can an MNO successfully implement Ethernet backhaul to solve this data growth challenge? Well, you can find out the answer in InfoVista's recent Pipeline article on this topic. Happy reading!

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