Curious About Maximizing the ROI of LTE and Small Cells? Meet Infovista at LTE World Summit This Week

Astrid Wastegård
Jun. 25 2013

By Astrid Wastegård, Product Marketing Manager, Infovista

This week, the Infovista team joins more than 3,000 of our mobile industry peers for the annual LTE World Summit in Amsterdam. Hosted by telecom analyst firm Informa, the event consists of presentations from more than 250 speakers about the main issues and opportunities mobile operators are facing when it comes to service innovation, LTE roaming, heterogeneous networks (HetNets), handling mobile data explosion and much more. 

Ahead of the event, I pulled together some thoughts about LTE and how mobile operators can better design and optimize their networks in a post for the LTE World Summit blog. The LTE market is progressing quickly, and we are now seeing the quickest uptake ever of new mobile technology. As I mentioned in the blog, more than four hundred operators across 126 countries have already invested in LTE, and as a result, many are now building out HetNets that utilize 2G and 3G networks in combination with 3G or 4G, small cells and Wi-Fi offloading.

To effectively plan for and manage HetNets, mobile operators will require robust network design and optimization solutions, such as Infovista's Mentum Planet, which helps mobile operators design cost-efficient LTE-Advanced and small cell networks. This is particularly important in dense metropolitan areas with high traffic load. The software also offers unique 3D modeling and visualization capabilities that enable mobile operators to predict and analyze network performance and cost-effectively add capacity to maximize customer experience.

If you'd like to learn more about this topic, I invite you to read my contribution to the LTE World Series blog. Then, come visit us at the event at booth #51. See you soon!

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