5G in 2019 — Our Top 6 Expert Insights to Kick Off the New Year

Adrian Jakobsson
Dec. 18 2018

2018 was a huge year for planning 5G rollouts. And that means 2019 is going to be critical for your 5G projects. So, we've compiled our most valuable 5G content to get you ready.

The first wave of 5G deployment will take place in 2019. The biggest smartphone vendors have confirmed 5G-ready handsets. And over 160 mobile operators have either already started deploying their first 5G networks, or are trialing, or plan launching in the coming months.

5G technology will bring increased complexity and significantly increase the network density. As a result, service providers will need to embrace this new technology as fast as they can and with the best possible fulfilment of its' potential that is much needed to increase capacity, speed, and efficiency. Infovista is determined to be instrumental in helping its customers to reach their goals in the race to 5G and also help them accelerate their new 5G based revenue growth opportunities through industrial digitalization and IoT verticals.

Our experts have spent 2018 actively partnering in pre-standard trials with Tier One operators and leading network vendors. We have learned a lot from these partnerships and are proud to be the first and only technology partner to offer a complete 5G NR solution set to help you successfully design, optimize and test your mobile network.

No matter where you are in your 5G rollout, Infovista is ready to help you quickly and efficiently realize the benefits of 5G. Read and watch this selection of our most valuable content to get a better idea of how Infovista can help you know your network across its entire lifecycle and be successful in 2019.

In 5G design, every step matters, from strategic planning to pre-validation and post-launch testing.

A complete solution that covers the entire network lifecycle — from strategic planning all the way to post-launch testing — is required to efficiently accelerate your 5G rollout. Our experts discuss key use cases to help to accurately model your 5G NR network coverage, maximize massive MIMO return on investment, test and verify the network delivers the performance it was designed for.  Accelerate your entire 5G rollout — from planning to testing.

The more accurately your geodata represents the environment you are intending to model, the more likely the RF simulation will translate into the real world.

Infovista's industry-leading mapping data give your RF engineers the best understanding of their complex planning environments and the accuracy they need to successfully design radio networks using mmWave frequencies and plan the 5G wireless networks of the future. Plan Your 5G Network with Confidence by Leveraging High-accuracy Geodata

Deploying M-MIMO sites where they have the most impact is a critical goal for RF Planning

5G NR introduces advanced new technologies that are challenging from an RF planning perspective: mmWave frequencies, flexible numerology and Massive MIMO (M-MIMO). Deploying M-MIMO sites where they have the most impact — serving either a horizontally or vertically dispersed set of users — is a critical goal for RF engineers designing their 5G networks. The Importance of RF Planning Massive MIMO for 5G Captur

The need for accurate network testing will be pivotal to the future success of 5G services

The latest version of TEMS Investigation provides Mobile Network Operators, Infrastructure vendors and Regulators with the ability to clear 5G spectrum, accurately measure the 5G NR network coverage, and provide input for 5G NR propagation model tuning. Infovista Launches 5G NR Network Planning and Testing Solutions

Device-based measurements, which have always been important, will be even more so with 5G.

At the recent IWPC conference held in Austin Texas, USA, there was considerable discussion of lessons learnt from 5G trials, as well as 4G/5G multi-band mode devices. These are both exciting and important topics, which are at the heart of the latest news and announcements related to 5G NR front-runners, early adopters, and 5G NR network launches. Here are some notes from this standout event, together with our thoughts and comments. First, let's address the results of initial trials. First lessons learnt from 5G trials and 4G/5G device performance considerations.

First 5G NR launches continue to be challenged by the testing, certification and validation of devices.

The discussions and debates we heard during presentation of 5G trial results and 4G/5G device performance at the recent IWPC conference made quite clear the fact that, so far, the first 5G NR launches continue to be challenged by the testing, certification and validation of devices.  This has a direct impact on device performance and their interaction with the network.  As a result, the current focus of operators is to consider how should they test devices thoroughly and accurately from a technical perspective, as well as cost efficiently.  Thoughts on 5G NR early-stage testing requirements.

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