5View | Network Application Performance Monitoring

Detect applications and ensure application performance


Product Overview

Delivering a flawless user experience is the key to driving real value for your employees and your business, and it all starts with complete application visibility. You have to know your employees are getting the best quality of experience (QoE) on all business-critical applications in order to drive success.

Modern networks are incredibly complex, and your digital enterprise can't run without business-critical applications like SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics (daily ERPs operations), and VoIP or Skype for Business (UC and Collaboration) running perfectly in the cloud. That means you need performance monitoring of both network devices on the service chain (routers, switches and firewalls) and application elements (software codes, servers and data centers) to deliver unparalleled QoE.

5View network application performance monitoring provides detailed application usage, availability and response time metrics, giving your IT organizations and CSPs the ability to analyze and know the factors that impact application quality on the network. 5View Applications also allows IT and application managers to share extensive application performance reports with internal stakeholders during launches, meaning you always have complete visibility.

Key Benefits

Application performance impact assessment

Application performance impact assessment

5View network application performance monitoring quantifies the impact that application performance has on the network and the user.

Faster resolution time

Faster resolution time

With total application visibility (even without configuration), proactive alarms, simple and intuitive UI, as well as LAN / WAN / Server performance quick analysis for each flow and each user, 5View Applications saves you time in isolating the root cause of application performance issues.

Features & Use Cases

Project status monitoring & control

Reporting and Performance Monitoring

Determining the location of the specific source of errors within a network is often the task that takes the longest to complete in the troubleshooting cycle. 5View network application performance monitoring helps minimize the troubleshooting cycle by accelerating detection and pinpointing misbehaving application transactions. It also breaks down the entire source and displays the type and metrics associated with each individual component of an IP conversation.

Optimize IoT & mobile app performance

Business Intelligence

5View network application performance monitoring can forward application performance data to the Infovista service performance assurance platform for centralized management and visualization of flow and application data, as well as proactive application performance degradation troubleshooting. It also provides 5View Mediation with highly-granular application and network performance metrics for advanced business intelligence and data mining.

Application Deployment

Application Recognition

Automatic identification and classification of over 5500 pre-defined applications, definition and classification of custom applications, and full line-rate application analysis at 10Gbps processes for up to 600,000 simultaneous IP. Communications include cloud applications such Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, Lync and Salesforce.