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Customer experience assurance for fixed service providers

Infovista KLERITY™

The fixed telecommunications industry has reached an inflection point. According to Analysis Mason, fixed broadband traffic increased by 42% in 2020, substantially higher than previous forecasts; while at the same time, the underlying technologies that underpin the delivery of fixed connectivity ‘overlay’ services such as voice, video and unified communications - both in the consumer and enterprise segments - are rapidly evolving.

A new set of customer experience assurance requirements has emerged to reflect the increased importance of reliable, high-performance fixed connectivity services running over virtualized networks. Infovista’s KLERITY™ provides a comprehensive solution to assuring fixed connectivity services that grows and evolves with your business. It delivers a single pane of glass for your network and service operations teams to automate much of the manual activity involved in fulfilling these processes, from an easily extensible cloud-native and scalable platform that grows and evolves with your business.

Learn how it addresses the specific deployment, scaling, regulatory and security challenges of wireline operators today.