Radio engineering training program

Xeda – User Training

Infovista’s Xeda is a unified approach towards intelligent Network Quality Management that combines automated data- collection, diagnostics and reporting and enables mobile optimization engineering departments to maintain and improve their Quality of Service within a complex multi-vendor, multi-data source environment. As a complete enterprise web based solution, Xeda provides users with a reliable, intelligent and scalable approach towards detection, diagnosis and solving network quality issues.

This course is designed as a fast-paced, hands on-training. The course leads the students through multi-vendor, multi- technology Configuration Management (CM). This course is based on the latest product version of the Xeda components.

Student Profile

This course is designed for all technical audiences, particularly RAN optimization engineers who will need this course in order to operate and fully utilize the Xeda solution. RAN optimization personnel will find this course necessary in order to understand the true capabilities of the system. Due to the nature of the course it is recommended that participants already have prior knowledge in RAN fundamentals, especially in the OSS and optimization domain.

Prerequisites and Related Courses

It is recommended that students have a general working knowledge of network parameters and vendor OSS, as well as have basic use of Windows applications.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform network visualization where users can view and search cells, view neighbors and plot KPIs,

  • Track parameter history of a particular Managed Object (MO),

  • Create rule-based consistency checks of network parameters and view consistency check history,

  • Perform data correlation with smart client for drive test and statistical analysis,

  • Create and customize reports which can be exported into various formats.

By applying the skills and concepts taught in this course, you will be able to successfully utilize Xeda to detect and diagnose radio network related issues.


Course Registration

This course is provided upon demand. To register for this course, please complete the registration form and add your preferred date in the comments field. 

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