VistaFoundation® Solution Development

VistaFoundation (VF) is the adaptive technology platform from Infovista® for service-centric IT performance reporting. This course teaches experienced VF users how to create a custom solution. Starting with an empty configuration, students will gradually build up a total solution for VF reporting on network servers and LAN interfaces.

Students will create an Infovista library that defines the KPIs and instant report templates, a VistaMart® library that defines the reporting rules and, finally, a set of Portal pages with custom report templates to display the data. At each stage of the course, hands-on lab work will reinforce the students’ knowledge.

While the course concentrates on the development of a total solution, students will also be able to use this knowledge to customize existing VF deployments.

Student Profile

This course is designed for technical audiences. Developers will need this course to be able to create and customize VistaFoundation solutions. System architects will find this course useful to understand the possibilities of the system.

Prerequisites and Related Courses

Prerequisite to this course are the ‘VF Platform Administration’ and the ‘VF Advanced Adminisration’ (recommended but not mandatory) courses. The practical knowledge gained in those course is necessary to successfully follow the ‘VF Solution Development’ course. It also is assumed that students have a good working knowledge of network management and the use of Windows applications.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create an Infovista library containing Report Templates and Indicators (KPIs) which generate the source data

  • Create a VistaMart library containing provisioning rules which define the data collection policy

  • Create VistaPortal® pages and Report Templates which display data to the end user

  • Personalize the look and feel of the Portal pages to conform to corporate graphic charters.

By applying the skills and concepts taught in this course, you will be able to successfully develop a new VF solution. 

Course Registration 

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