Infovista® Certified Developer (IVCD)

The Infovista Certified Developer (IVCD) is the highest certification level offered by Infovista.  The IVCD certification exam aims to recognize your advanced practical and theoretical skills on Infovista products and functionalities.  The exam covers a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Student Profile

The successful IVCD graduate has extensive knowledge of the VistaInsight® platform and is able to successfully develop customized VistaInsight® solutions. The IVCD profile is therefore typically that of engineers and consultants, as well as third party solution developers. 

Prerequisites and Related Courses

Candidates who wish to take the IVCD certification exam should have already passed the Infovista Certified Administrator (IVCA) exam and then have followed the ‘Infovista® Solution Developer’ course or have equivalent knowledge.

In addition to this minimum requirement, candidates should have several months of field experience in all aspects of VistaInsight® project implementation: installation, architecture, custom library design, and VistaPortal® customization. 

Exam Format

The IVCD exam is a two-day exam comprising a number of modules, of which one is theoretical.  The theoretical module consists of questions and answers (open text).  It tests candidates’ general knowledge of the VistaInsight® Solution Development process.

During the practical modules, candidates will install a number of Infovista products to complete a partially installed VistaInsight® platform. They will then develop the necessary files to create a VistaInsight® solution for reporting on network resources. All modules have a challenging time limit which is adding additional pressure – just as in real life

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