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The Antifragile Telco: Assuring the Virtualized Network

A Heavy Reading white paper produced for Infovista

Can telecom networks be made anti-fragile, as opposed to simply robust or resilient? This paper explores the role of service assurance in making virtualized networks anti-fragile.

The authors investigate the challenges that NFV poses to service assurance and consider what users want from a service assurance solution. They also discuss how CSPs plan to address NFV assurance and the key success factors required for assuring QoS in a virtualized and dynamic network.

In this WhitePaper you will learn:

  • How and why does Service Assurance complement Orchestration?
  • Which types of Network Function will be virtualized and when?
  • What Service Assurance capabilities do CSPs value the most?
  • Which type of APIs are required to ensure a successful transition to virtual networks ?