On-demand webinar

Smart CAPEX investment: Optimizing for ROI

Communications service providers (CSPs) are undergoing a phase of rapid change in how they design, deploy and operate their networks, spurred by the transition to 5G and network cloudification. Maximizing return on investment is a key objective. In this webinar, we explore ways to address some of today’s most pressing issues in achieving ROI growth. This involves discussing ways in which the network investment is shifting and what necessary factors are in place in order to keep up with them – including greater optimization and building more optionality into solutions available. 

We will discuss the following several topics that are implemented by the Smart CAPEX solution:

  • Optimizing for both the hardware and labour CAPEX factors
  • Providing more information about accountability regarding the impact on the customer
  • Catering for increased complexity and different models that come into the equation