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How cross-domain tools have transformed service assurance into automated assurance

The arrival of 5G, virtualized network functions, cloud-native network functions and software-defined networks are opening up new service creation opportunities. The service portfolio is moving from containing a limited number of well-understood services, that don’t change and are provided using mature technologies, to an environment in which a wider range of more complex services will be offered.

The proliferation of services, the increased flexibility of networks and the demands of the digital ecosystem are making autonomous networks a reality. The path to these networks, which through self-service provide improved experiences and enable self-optimization and self-healing, is complex and lengthy, but the prize is zero-touch, zero-wait, zero-trouble services that CSPs will be able to monetize efficiently.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the evolution of service assurance and how Infovista’s 360° Assurance solutions, by being designed to support predictive, real-time, and automated customer experience, allows CSPs to:

  • Correlate different data sources to generate interactive representation and analytics
  • Accurately visualize and drill-down across domains for simple usability
  • Accelerate event to fault correlation with cost – and resource-efficient drill down capabilities
  • Guide troubleshooting workflows with advanced analytics
  • Analyze multi-service and -protocol environments with end-to-end tracing through a single pane of glass