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How Mobile Operators can determine their next steps after lockdown

On-demand webinar

The pandemic has put data-driven decision making under the microscope—everyone, everywhere is questioning data and the decisions being made based on it today. For mobile operators, it has always been a challenge to process your data into meaningful information that guides your next course of action. We can all do this better.

When introducing 5G or rolling out new technologies such as virtualization, mobile-edge computing (MEC) and cloud-based services, you need to confirm end-to-end service offerings are working as expected and delivering optimal quality of experience (QoE). Having the right data helps identify problems that may otherwise be missed, enabling triage, root-cause analysis, and remedial actions to be performed.

Infovista, the leader in the planning and testing of advanced mobile networks, is currently working on over 170 deployments of 5G infrastructure. This webinar shares our latest thinking in using data to drive decisions, based on experience with some of the largest mobile operators in the world.

This webinar explores:

  • Sweating existing 4G CAPEX infrastructure using new features
  • Strategic network planning for coverage and growth of IoT and 5G
  • Using geolocation technology to identify changes in user behavior
  • Ensuring 5G correctly interworks and co-exists with 2G, 3G & 4G
  • Validating QoE on new technologies like slicing, MEC and cloud

Ultimately, data-driven insights like these lead to improved customer experience for users and better operational efficiency for network operators—both are more important than ever in the pandemic era.