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T-Mobile Germany Standardises on Infovista for Service Performance Management Across its Entire Network

Infovista’s Service-Centric Performance Management Platform Optimises Availability and Supports Expansion of T-Mobile’s Next Generation Services

InfoVista’s Service-Centric Performance Management Platform Optimises Availability and Supports Expansion of T-Mobile’s Next Generation Services

Paris, France and Herndon, VA (United States), March 13, 2007 – Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, announced today that T-Mobile International, one of the world's leading companies in mobile communications, is deploying Infovista’s VistaInsight® solutions for performance management across it’s entire network in Germany including IT applications, servers and multimedia services.

InfoVista’s web-based performance management solution will provide insight into real-time, historical and future service performance of T-Mobile’s network. The increased visibility into service performance will enable T-Mobile to proactively manage all of its services, internally plan service assurance and predict when and where additional capacity or bandwidth will be required so that future investments and expansion can be planned accordingly.

T-Mobile Germany originally selected Infovista for the performance management of its 25,000 wireless hot spot devices, a project which was completed last year. The Infovista software polls performance data from hot spot devices every 15 minutes, delivering context-relevant, actionable reports on a breadth of metrics including end to end (E2E) service availability, load, utilisation and number of connected customers for trend analysis and longer-term capacity planning. The reports are used by T-Mobile’s customer support staff to identify customer service status per location and drill down to the level of individual hot spots when necessary to provide on-demand troubleshooting and fast problem resolution. Infovista’s early warning system also notifies operations staff before problems occur, ensuring preemptive resolution, service reliability and uptime.

Now that the project has gone live, problems which had previously taken weeks to identify and resolve can be addressed in just hours and the performance of hot spots has improved by an estimated 20 per cent.

Following such a successful roll out, T-Mobile decided to extend Infovista’s performance management solution across the whole of its network starting with servers and web applications from which a number of existing customers have already begun to benefit. The next phase of the roll out will incorporate T-Mobile’s IP backbone, and general IT infrastructure and will ultimately include performance monitoring across all T-Mobile Germany’s multimedia services including SMS, MMS and VoIP services.

As part of the selection process, T-Mobile carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the leading performance management vendors on the market, which included pilots at both the hot spot and server phases of the roll out. Infovista came out on top on both occasions because of its flexibility, scalability and inherent openness which meant it would be easy to integrate into T-Mobile’s existing fault management system IBM Netcool.

“InfoVista stood out for us because of how easily it can be modified to suit different environments, regardless of the underlying technology, making it much more cost-effective than using a dedicated solution for each new environment,” said Stefan Anderlohr, Executive Vice president, Network Operations and Service management, T-Mobile Germany. “This flexibility is also advantageous because it means it can quickly adapt to the business requirements of T-Mobile and easily scale as the network grows and new services are added or modified, both of which are vitally important in such a dynamic industry.”

T-Mobile has ambitious plans for growth so Infovista’s ability to scale was a key reason for it being selected. Infovista’s distributed architecture reduces and confines diagnostic network traffic to local areas. This allows T-Mobile to define different user groups so that services such as wireless hot spots can be managed according to regions of the country and easily expanded into new areas or countries.

“As Mobile operators look to deliver increasingly sophisticated new services, the demands placed upon the network have become higher than ever before and as a result the role performance management plays has become extremely important,” said Julien Dahan, SVP EMEA Operations, Infovista. “Next generation services such as wi-fi hot spots and multimedia services have the potential to deliver high levels of revenue to service providers, particularly if they are able to build a loyal customer base. Infovista’s performance management solution will enable T-Mobile to differentiate the quality of its services from those of its competitors and maximise the return on investment.”


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