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Telstra Selects Infovista for IT Transformation Project

Leading Performance Management Solution Guarantees Service Levels, Reduces Costs and Improves Customer Service

Leading Performance Management Solution Guarantees Service Levels, Reduces Costs and Improves Customer Service

Paris, France and Herndon, VA (United States), November 14, 2006 – Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, announced today that Telstra, Australia’s leading media-communications company, has selected Infovista to play a key role in the transformation of its IT environment. The Infovista solutions will help to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service as part of the work done in improving network service assurance.

Infovista will provide Telstra with a single and unified platform for network performance management of next-generation services. The flexibility and scalability of Infovista’s core architecture will allow Telstra to move towards delivering an automated, integrated and holistic view of services across the network.

VistaInsight® for Networks will give Telstra a real-time view of the network, allowing it to meet the increasingly high customer expectations for “always on” service levels and provide a variety of end-to-end performance management techniques to proactively assure reliable delivery of services between users and applications. Vista Troubleshooter® is used for customer service and network operations to enable rapid analysis and diagnosis of IT performance problems. Infovista’s solutions were selected by Telstra for their scalability, real-time performance reporting and ability to be customized.

“Telstra is transforming its business to deliver a ‘one click, one touch, one button, one screen, one step solutions’ environment for customers and employees,” said John McInerney, Director, IT Transformation, Telstra Corporation. “The company’s vision is a simpler IT environment that involves partnering with world-class suppliers using proven off-the-shelf solutions. We are pleased to welcome Infovista as one of our partners in the OSS transformation space.”

"Telstra’s IT Transformation Project is raising the bar for next generation services that combine reliability, innovation and cost reduction,” said Serge Genetet, Infovista’s, senior vice president, Asia Pacific Operations. “ Infovista is proud to have been selected by Telstra to work together on this landmark project that will set new standards for customer service, time-to-market and tiered offerings of converged services."

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