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Infovista Unifies Network and Application Performance Management Resulting in a Number of Industry Firsts

New Software Solutions Help Service Providers Launch Advanced VPN Business Services

New Software Solutions Help Service Providers Launch Advanced VPN Business Services

Paris, France, and Herndon, VA—April 21, 2009—InfoVista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced the release of two new software solutions designed to help service providers launch more competitive, value-added VPN business services. With the introduction of 5View Service Data Manager and InfoVista 5View Application Optimization Manager, InfoVista brings a number of “firsts” to the market. The company is the first to provide a truly unified application, service, and network infrastructure monitoring on a single platform, and the first to offer detailed bandwidth optimization assurance for extended business service offerings. InfoVista also reports this is the first of many portfolio evolutionary announcements surrounding Application Performance Management to be made in the coming months.

InfoVista 5View Service Data Manager and InfoVista 5View Application Optimization Manager were developed to work synergistically as a complement to InfoVista’s award-winning VistaInsight for Networks performance management solution to extend monitoring and reporting capabilities to the business-critical application level.

Included in InfoVista’s Service Data Manager is 5View Application Usage Manager, an option that empowers business service providers to collect application traffic and usage data relating to their managed VPN customers and the wide-area network (WAN). Armed with this information, service providers and their enterprise customers can make informed decisions about application optimization requirements.

Market figures from multiple sources have highlighted that, in 2008, the global WAN optimization market exceeded $1 billion for the first time. The 5View Application Optimization Manager can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with Service Data Manager to monitor and report how efficiently and effectively applications are consuming bandwidth over the WAN. As this technology helps reduce bandwidth requirements and promote efficiency, it’s projected to resonate well with many enterprises during the current economic downturn, which explains the continued growth projected for next few years.

“The game is changing for providers of managed services, and to compete they must embrace tools and techniques for providing application-layer visibility and control,” said Jim Frey, research director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) a leading industry analyst and consulting firm. “InfoVista, with its well established and mature offerings for network service assurance, is taking an important step with these new product announcements, integrating application visibility into its solution and paving the path for providers to expand the richness and value of their managed services.”

infoVista’s 5View Service Data Manager and 5View Application Optimization Manager allows service providers to:

  • Enhance their services portfolio and profitability by offering advanced business services that address the critical market needs for business application visibility and WAN optimization.
  • Improve operational efficiency, cross-functional troubleshooting, and problem resolution via an integrated network and application performance platform that allows them to monitor and report on business applications and the network infrastructure used to deliver those applications.
  • Use application traffic information to prioritize business-critical applications, intelligently advise customers on bandwidth optimization opportunities, and provide greater strategic value.
  • Reduce the deployment complexity and costs associated with collecting and analyzing transaction data from multiple customer premises. This is done via multi-tenant reporting, which enables the service provider to achieve cost efficiencies by deploying multi-tenant data collection appliances that serve many customers (versus deploying one appliance per customer).

“Our new software solutions collectively represent the next logical step in InfoVista’s efforts to meet the evolving needs of service providers and their enterprise customers,” said Vikas Trehan, vice president of product management at InfoVista. “By further extending our service assurance capabilities with Service Data Manager and Application Optimization Manager, we’re helping service providers and their valued enterprise customers ensure performance and SLA compliance at the critical application level.”

InfoVista will be demonstrating Service Data Manager and Application Optimization Manager at Management World 2009 in Nice, France, May 6-8.



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