Infovista’s Market-Leading Service Assurance Platform Raises Industry Standard for Scalability and Cost-efficiency

VistaFoundation 4.3’s Increased Power and Scalability Accommodates Anticipated Future Network and Service Growth

VistaFoundation 4.3’s Increased Power and Scalability Accommodates  Anticipated Future Network and Service Growth

PARIS, France and HERNDON, Virginia—May 17, 2012—Infovista, the global leader of IP and RF planning, assurance and optimization software solutions, today announced the availability of VistaFoundation Kit 4.3, a significant upgrade to the company’s service performance assurance technology platform, the most scalable, flexible and cost-effective performance platform on the market. The new release supports communications service providers’ (CSPs) and large enterprise IT organizations’ need to cost-effectively deliver a greater number of differentiated services transported by all-IP networks, maintain optimal quality of service (QoS) and end customer quality of experience (QoE), while reducing OPEX/CAPEX and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Today’s CSPs are facing serious threats to the sustainability of their business models from three main directions. The established downward trend in traditional voice and data revenues is set to continue, resulting in an ongoing decline in CSP revenue and net profit. Additionally, the need to diversify service offerings is expected to intensify as service differentiation becomes increasingly critical from a competitive point of view. Finally, mobile operators and backhaul transport providers are battling to lower the per bit cost of exploding mobile data traffic volume, preparing to accommodate the 3G to 4G transition and moving to all-IP as the underlying technology of LTE.

The combination of these three trends means CSPs are under even greater pressure to control costs and improve operational efficiency, while transforming their business models and OSS to support more rapid service innovation and deployment.

VistaFoundation Kit 4.3 is uniquely designed to help CSPs and large enterprise IT organizations meet the service performance assurance, operational excellence and network optimization needs and demands. The upgraded platform supports more customers, services and network resources within the same IT environment, thereby outpacing market competitors and lowering TCO.

Key Facts

  • VistaFoundation is the market-leading network performance monitoring and service assurance platform for CSPs, as well as for large IT-intensive enterprise and government organizations. The platform collects and analyzes performance information from the largest, most complex next-generation infrastructures in real time. Its flexible and patented service-aware data model instantly transforms IT performance data into relevant, insightful and actionable information on service and resource performance that crosses traditional IT silos.
  • With large OSS and IT performance management transformation projects taking place in mature markets, and with CSPs in emerging markets increasingly looking to replace in-house initiatives with COTS-based solutions that offer the promise of increased competitiveness, Infovista’s upgraded technology platform has been designed to deliver:
    • Unrivalled scalability. CSPs can manage up to three times more granular data within the same IT environment, while maintaining the same performance levels. Infovista’s largest customers are already taking advantage of this scalability by monitoring services and networks that span in excess of 150,000 network devices and millions of networks interfaces.
    • Out-of-the-box integrations with leading vendors’ network management systems, including Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, which offer the benefits of best-of-breed, off-the-shelf software without the typical costs and risks of complex integration projects.
    • Openness capabilities to support customized integration with virtually any third-party OSS and mission-critical BSS applications, including fault management, provisioning, service activation, service support, charging and policy management solutions.
    • Increased reliability with an even more robust recovery management system that helps to ensure deployment stability and management platform availability.
    • Full support of the Linux environment, with all product components able to run on Linux, and all features supported in virtualized environments and the cloud.                                                                                              

Supporting Quote

  • “The new release of our technology foundation is distinctively positioned to address CSPs and large enterprise IT organizations’ needs for OPEX/CAPEX reduction, all while managing the performance of an extended and more diverse IP-based network, service and application portfolio,“ said Vikas Trehan, senior vice president, product strategy and alliances, Infovista. “VistaFoundation offers the most powerful service performance assurance platform capable of supporting the transition to all-IP and the immense service growth anticipated in the market, as well as comprehensive, end-to-end service visibility and network performance monitoring.”


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