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Ascom Network Testing secures orders with a combined value of USD 10 million in the United States

Thursday, 04 July 2013

Ascom Network Testing ( has secured important contracts from two of the largest mobile operators in the United States to provide nationwide LTE network testing and benchmarking solutions. These orders have a combined value of more than USD 10 million.

The largest project for a Tier-1 operator calls for expanded deployment of TEMS Symphony, its multi-channel benchmarking platform, as an integral component in one of the world's largest and most widely publicized network quality programs. The second project, from another Tier-1 US operator, is for dozens of instances of TEMS Monitor Master, its application services testing platform, which will be used to monitor and assure quality levels for new LTE services.

The wins demonstrate growing momentum for Ascom as the premier testing partner for LTE rollouts. Ascom's TEMS Portfolio is now used in most of the European countries to do first validation of LTE network performance. In general, the market development for network testing is positive, in particular in the Americas and in EMEA.

"LTE networks offer unique challenges for operators as they prepare for, and begin deploying, voice services over their LTE infrastructure (VoLTE)", said Rikard Lundqvist, General Manager Ascom Network Testing. "We are gratified that top mobile operators in the Americas continue to rely on us to affirm these new services, and to include TEMS as an integral part of their Customer Experience strategies. With these orders, Ascom achieved another important milestone to become the mobile industry's independent authority for validating network performance", he said.

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