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Impact of Log4j2 vulnerability on Infovista and Empirix

A critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j2 identified by CVE-2021-44228 and another vulnerability identified by CVE-2021-45046 have been publicly disclosed and consequently, this could have an impact on Infovista and Empirix products. 
Please note that we are actively monitoring the situation and working on mitigation plans and actions. 
To the extent that we determine that particular product is impacted by these vulnerabilities, Infovista will immediately provide and set up temporary mitigation guidance while we work to quickly provide a permanent patch to enterally address the problem.  As always, we are working thoroughly to help keep our customers secure.  
Please check this page often as the situation is very dynamic and we will be providing updates.

As more information about impacted Infovista and Empirix products and appropriate mitigation actions becomes available, it will be posted here.

The Infovista Security Team