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AT&T and Infovista Flexware Webinar

Date: 2019-10-07 - 2019-10-10
Location: 9 a.m. New-York

Financial institutions and Banks are losing on average 2.7% of annual revenues to slow performing applications and application downtime. While you’re undergoing branch transformation to embrace digital and deliver an enhanced customer experience that reduces churn, improves operational efficiency, and increases revenue, your outdated Wide-Area-Network (WAN) is blocking your success.

Your legacy WAN can’t provide the required application intelligence to guarantee consistent User Experience. That jeopardizes ERPs, Office Apps, UCs and hundreds of SaaS applications running critical processes through bank offices, ATMs, financial centers, etc. Fortunately, your network doesn’t have to hold your business back!

DAs part of AT&T’s FlexWare offering, Infovista’s AIS (Application Intelligence Suite) transforms your legacy WAN into a smart distributed system.

With Infovista's Application Intelligence:

  •  Automatically analyze the behavior of each application in your WAN and provide optimal bandwidth for each user session.
  •  Identify the best, cost-effective, and optimum performing network link even in the most complex hybrid networks for every application and every user.
  •  Avoid digital congestion and maximize the performance of financial and bank digital transformation processes.
  •  Add state-of-the-art deep Application Visibility, QoE, and WAN optimization to your FlexWare solution

Infovista Application Intelligence Suite gives you the control you need to deliver the highest quality experience to every user, for every application, at every branch, every time.

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