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Infovista team in front of both at DTW2020

Digital Transformation World 2022

Discover our latest innovations we showcased at DTW 22 including, end-to-end Automated Assurance & Operations with Ativa™. Learn how our outcomes-based solutions enable rapid 5G value creation.

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Mobile World Congress 2022

Missed us at MWC 2022? Infovista launched innovative 5G use cases and new developments in our integrated network lifecycle automation suite. Learn more about the technologies we showcased at the event, including Smart CAPEX, Automated SSV and 360° Assurance.

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Support for 5G Planning

The new look of drive testing in 5G networks

In this Sparring Partners webinar, Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, talked with Dr. Irina Cotanis, Technology Director, Infovista, and Jaana Tengman, Director of Product Management, Infovista, about the role of drive testing in 5G networks and how automation and AI are changing drive testing.

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Smart CAPEX investment: Optimizing for ROI

Communications service providers (CSPs) are undergoing a phase of rapid change in how they design, deploy and operate their networks, spurred by the transition to 5G and network cloudification. Maximizing return on investment is a key objective. In this webinar, we explore ways to address some of today’s most pressing issues in achieving ROI growth.

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