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TEMS ‘Old School' Business Case

Paul Kinderman
Sep. 13 2016

The team at Infovista is constantly focused on delivering solutions that offer real value to our customers. However, value can sometimes be challenging to define and measure. This means two things. First, that not everyone will agree on the precise value a solution actually represents and, second, that different people have different ideas of what values matter to them.

It may seem somewhat ‘Old School', but a business case that is based on value realized as a direct reduction in operational expense is simple to understand and easily measured by any organization. Despite new notions of what constitutes value, OPEX reduction is a powerful and clear measure, from any perspective.

Recently, a well-known Tier 1 operator invested in our TEMS Monitor Master solution. The investment was justified by a business case that was based on the savings to be generated by reducing operational costs when leveraging the platform's powerful Interactive Mode feature. Interactive Mode enables system engineers to remotely test customer experience from an actual handset. The use case has wide range of applications from testing VOLTE, Voice, Data, Video and Messaging services, revenue assurance, roaming, location service, E911, RCS, and more.

Crucially, the feature provides the ability to immediately perform ad-hoc, live testing on a remote device directly from an engineer's desk, which eliminates the cost of dispatching staff into the field. This typically saves several hundred dollars per use. When conducting hundreds of tests each day, the savings quickly add-up to a significant reduction of operation expenses. Interactive Mode also adds incremental value, secured through faster response times, consistency in testing methodologies, and accurate record keeping.

This makes a direct and immediate impact on the bottom line and can be immediately understood by all stakeholders, regardless of their own position and priorities. It's not every day we get to apply such a compelling, yet simple ‘Old School' business case to our increasingly complex wireless telecommunication world...but when it does happen, it is truly rewarding for all parties.

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