VistaInsight for Networks

Network and data center performance management, troubleshooting, capacity planning & QoS visualization

VistaInsight : Network Performance ManagementIncrease business service revenues with application performance reporting
VistaInsight for Networks model for network performance management & IT service quality visualization.

VistaInsight for Networks ensures the delivery of premium, high-value, IP-based services for Managed and Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and shared IT organizations. Using VistaInsight for Networks, they can demonstrate the quality of their services with sophisticated customer reporting, measure basic and custom service level agreements (SLAs), monitor service and resource health and usage, and enable early warnings on service levels and network performance degradations.

VistaInsight for Networks is a pre-built network performance management solution, providing the benefits of off-the-shelf software, while enabling rapid configuration and tailoring to meet the unique needs of CSPs. Built upon InfoVista’s scale-as-you-grow, distributed collection and reporting assurance platform, VistaInsight for Networks provides CSPs with the ability to rapidly support new revenue-generating services.

VistaInsight for Networks extends network performance management to the data center, including support for servers, storage and network infrastructure, both physical and virtual. Built-in service models, reports and workflows are provided for multiple networks and services including: IP/MPLS, MEF-aligned Carrier Ethernet, mobile backhaul, IP-VPN, application-aware VPNs and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

The IT and network performance management solution integrates with InfoVista’s application performance management product suite and Vista360’s self-service, real-time performance dashboard. It can also be supplemented by the InfoVista Mobile Knowledge Pack, which further extends the solution’s network performance management capabilities into the mobile domain.

Use Cases: 

  • Demonstrate quality of services with sophisticated customer reporting

    Using VistaInsight for Networks, CSPs, MNOs and shared IT organizations can differentiate and demonstrate the quality of their services with branded customer reporting.

  • Differentiate business services offers with premium reporting services

    Create innovative multi-tiered and branded reporting portfolio as an add-on to your existing VPN or Cloud Services.

  • Provide basic and custom service level agreements (SLAs)

    Produce personalized customer reports that fit each of your customer's specific requirements, architectures and SLAs, then make them securely available online through your customer portal to strengthen your customer relationship.

  • Secure customers’ high-value business

    Win new business, with your most valued customers, with a reporting solution tailored to their needs.

  • Provide service and resource usage reporting to engineering & planning staff

    Offers capacity assessment and forecasting on multi-domain, multi-vendor networks

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Quickly and efficiently access service-relevant data using a business-intelligent, workflow-based navigation.

  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)

    Offers flexible, easy-to-use, self-service performance dashboard that enables decision makers to access and share network intelligence on-demand.

  • Ensure network and data center performance

    Identify service and network degradations before business users are impacted.

  • Accelerate time-to-market

    Leverage pre-integrated and certified solutions with leading equipment vendors to minimize network interface complexity and streamline service management.

Key Features: 

  • Single-sign-on, Web-based reporting

    All reporting and analytics is done through a web browser. Coupled with built-in SSO, the reports and pages can be easily integrated into larger portal projects.

  • Service-centric modeling

    A service-centric approach delivers top-down, actionable visibility from the service to the underlying usage, infrastructure and end-to-end KPIs. Proactive analysis map customers to service levels and deliver visibility into relationships between service performance and network & IT resources.

  • On-demand polling and real-time reports

    Self-service performance dashboard provides the ability to rapidly support new revenue-generating services by offering operations support & workflows, troubleshooting, on-demand polling and real-time reports

  • Multi-vendor, multi-domain

    Vendor agnostics KPIs and workflow used to normalize reporting across vendors and domains.

  • Proactive and predictive service impact alerts

    Deliver automated notification of forecasted capacity limits and abnormal performance.

  • Built for multi-tenancy

    Built to support multiple customers and services while ensuring customers can only access reports and network intelligence on their own service, without the cost of building and maintaining separate systems for each customer.

  • Scales as you grow

    Multi-tiered platform architecture supporting your current and future needs (distributed collection and analysis).The solution supports tens of thousands of data samples per second across tens of thousands of elements on low-cost, virtualized Intel-based Linux systems.

  • Powerful OSS interoperability

    Easy integration with fault, inventory and provisioning systems without requiring software development, thus reducing cost and risk associated with integration. Bi-directional transfer of valuable business, performance, and topology and configuration data with a proven open architecture.

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