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Department of Defense Taps InfoVista Network Performance Management for DISN Overhaul

02/01/2016 |
Jesse McMillin

The Defense Information Security Agency (DISA), the group that is responsible for facilitating and securing the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) for the United States’ Department of Defense (DoD), recently announced that they would be partnering with the U.S. Army and Air Force to overhaul their widespread VPN networks. To do this, DISA will by […]

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InfoVista & Wind River Lead With Virtualized Application Performance Guarantee

01/29/2016 |
Ranga Thittai

For almost any enterprise, the time to adopt software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) was probably yesterday. The old way of managing network services involves proprietary and rigid hardware tightly coupled with singular network functions from the same vendor – traditional carrier-grade networks could take months or years to respond to evolving […]

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The Clock is Ticking – Is your Mobile Backhaul Ready to Support 5G?

01/19/2016 |
Sergio Zveibil

It’s safe to say that the global proliferation of data usage of late has been phenomenal, with experts anticipating 460x data growth globally from 2008 to 2020. Maintaining quality assurance in this growth explosive scenario has been a major challenge for mobile providers, and one that is only bound to become more complicated. First, while […]

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Experts Discuss How to Drive New Revenue Growth at GEN15 Panel

01/08/2016 |
Cyril Doussau

One of the toughest questions asked of the experts who converged on Dallas for GEN15 this past November was about the financial bottom line of telcos: How can adopting lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) increase – or at the very least sustain – telco profitability? At The Main Agenda panel discussion, industry experts David Hughes, Darryl […]

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Guarantee Skype for Business Performance & Business Benefits Will Follow

01/05/2016 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

Today’s business environments operate at a global scale. Whether that means communicating with a colleague in a remote office or a client based in an entirely different time zone, reliable communication tools that support both real-time and non-real-time communication are critical. Skype for Business is one such tool that has not only allowed enterprises to […]

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The Cost of Hybrid Networks Especially at Christmas

12/24/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

  I had 45 minutes to go to the store and get my son one more Christmas present before picking him up from school.  After arrived and picking up the item I wanted to purchase, I proceeded to the customer service counter only to realize that there were roughly twelve people in line.  No big […]

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EuroCIO 2015: Digitalized B2B Supply Chain Demands Application Performance Guarantee

12/22/2015 |
Frank Pinello

B2B transactions are entering a new era where decisions are no longer supply-based, but demand-driven. Enterprise digitalization has enabled businesses to be more savvy shoppers when it comes to finding the best goods and services for their needs. This has spun the entire B2B marketplace on its head, and CIOs are challenged with navigating new […]

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Standardizing Service OAM Across Industry Is Key to Third Network

12/21/2015 |
Christopher Cullan

Adoption of service OAM standards, specifically MEF 35.1, is picking up steam among communications services providers (CSPs), but it needs to be universal. Adhering to more than just the CE 2.0 equipment certification specifications is crucial for network equipment providers, because the benefits for all of us in the industry are so great. Y.1731 is […]

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