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SD-WAN & Hybrid WAN Architectures: The Roles of Each in the Enterprise

08/27/2015 |
Matthieu Silbermann

Recently, I read an interesting article from Dan Conde, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, about why software-defined WAN technologies (SD-WAN) are poised to meet the needs of changing, complex enterprise IT environments. Dan’s Network Computing piece, “SD-WAN: The Killer App For Enterprise SDN?”, goes on to mention InfoVista as a player in this space. […]

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InfoVista’s Application Performance Momentum Continues in Virtualization Domain

08/04/2015 |
Matthieu Silbermann

In April 2015, InfoVista announced its acquisition of Ipanema Technologies, an industry leader in guaranteeing application performance across enterprises’ large and complex networks. The acquisition enables InfoVista to provide this global business audience as well as communications service providers (CSPs) with actionable visibility and in-depth information on application performance over hybrid networks. Now part of […]

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Why It’s Time to Transform Network Connectivity with Dynamic Hybrid WAN

07/23/2015 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

Long before Gartner published “Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN“, there were warning signs that the traditional WAN approach – basically enabled by multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) – was beginning to fall out of favor in the enterprise. Despite providing secure, reliable connectivity for decades, MPLS individual links are costly […]

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VTC: InfoVista R&D Team Puts Network Planning Innovation Center Stage

07/08/2015 |
Regis Lerbour

The InfoVista Research & Development (R&D) team has been on the road the last few months, presenting research papers at the last two IEEE Vehicular Technology Conferences (VTCs). Wireless and mobile innovation, and the ways in which each are vital in an increasingly digital and connected world, proved to be a common theme at both […]

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TM Forum Live! Takeaways: The Digitized Economy, NaaS Catalyst and Ipanema Acquisition

06/22/2015 |
Cyril Doussau

Earlier this month, the InfoVista team attended TM Forum Live! in Nice, France. Looking back at the event, there was no shortage of interesting conversations with customers, press and analysts and industry peers about how the telecommunications industry must transform to keep up with the future requirements of the digital world. Specifically, there were three […]

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IWCE Recap: Meeting the Demands of Public Safety Network Planning

06/03/2015 |
Jason Suplita

Connectivity brings many great benefits to our society – for instance, easy and real-time communication across large distances, and access to myriad sources of information and educational materials. But, among these use cases, public safety communications is truly the most valuable to our safety and well-being. When there is a fire, natural disaster or other […]

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The Merging of Real and Virtual Worlds: Gartner IT Predictions Emerging in 2015

05/27/2015 |
Matthieu Silbermann

This blog will be the final part of the series examining IT trends, as predicted at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando back in 2014. Five months into the year, we have certainly seen the emergence of the themes that were predicted to have an impact in 2015, from web-scale IT to actionable intelligence. According to […]

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TM Forum Catalyst Will Reveal the Blueprint for Zero Touch Network as a Service

05/21/2015 |
Christopher Cullan

What form will the future of networking take? It’s a question the community constantly asks itself and doesn’t shy away from. Look no further than TM Forum’s Catalyst Program for tangible answers to this question by the industry’s ecosystem. The Catalyst initiative encourages digital and communications service providers (CSPs) and other ecosystem players to develop […]

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