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A “Common SD-WAN” Will Ease Adoption for CSPs & Enterprises

10/24/2016 |
Oscar Olvera Irigoyen

At this year’s SD-WAN Summit in Paris, SD-WAN vendors and service providers commingled to discuss the challenges that both parties face in adopting software-defined architectures, as well as the shift in the relationship between enterprises and CSPs in orchestrating SD-WAN network functions. For enterprises, switching to SD-WAN often entails a migration to hybrid WAN that […]

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In Santiago, Chile’s Operators Get Acquainted with MEF, CE 2.0

10/14/2016 |
Christopher Cullan

After exhausting the limits of my Portuguese language skills the previous week in Rio, I carried on to Santiago, Chile. Spanish can’t be much more difficult, I presumed, but I was quickly corrected and advised that Chilean Spanish is often considered one of the hardest Spanish accents to understand, ¿Cachai? (which means “you know what I […]

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MEF Seminar Brings Brazil’s Major Operators to Rio

10/12/2016 |
Christopher Cullan

I arrived in Rio just as the last of the barricades from the Paralympics were being placed on trucks. I proceeded to wander the afternoon-markets alongside Copacabana beach, practicing my Portuguese to use for my introduction to a presentation on “Multi-Operator Service Delivery: From Months to Minutes…” at the MEF seminar set for later that […]

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In the Applications Era, SD-WAN Brings Necessary Orchestration

09/13/2016 |
Jonathan Forest

Enterprise wide-area networks (WANs) have a tendency to become extremely cumbersome in a short amount of time. The economics of provisioning and remediation among the many different network layers while meeting SLAs for security and compliance can quickly become untenable for IT organizations that don’t have tools in place for orchestration and performance management. Enter […]

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How can CSPs fully realize the benefits of their NFV transformation?

09/06/2016 |
Cyril Doussau

Our industry has been reinventing itself alongside the adoption of NFV/SDN technologies going on three to four years now. While this switch has already become a reality for some, many communications service providers (CSPs) are just now planning the transition to an hybrid virtual/physical network leveraging the capabilities of orchestrators and controllers. With networks and […]

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Is Your Network Ready for Pokémon GO?

08/16/2016 |
Bernard Breton

To call Pokémon GO a phenomenon would be an understatement: post-launch, it only took a few days for the game to eclipse hugely popular mobile applications like Tinder and Twitter, while also topping WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat for average daily usage – 43 minutes and 23 seconds. Now, just over a month on the scene, […]

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CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit: Deliver Application Performance Workers Expect

08/11/2016 |
Ricardo Belmar

The modern workforce is characterized by mobility, which should come as no surprise given the nature of society’s many day-to-day interactions. Humans live in an increasingly multi-channel world, where they regularly interface with both the physical environment and the one that lives on their mobile devices. To meet the expectations of consumers who now expect […]

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Application Performance Management: The Golden Ticket for Successful Flash Sales

07/28/2016 |
Ricardo Belmar

Flash sales are hardly a new phenomenon in the retail sector. For generations, retailers have sent shoppers clamoring with “one-day-only” or “limited selection” markdowns that help the store owner turn over product and collect quick returns. But the flash sale has evolved as the retail landscape has transformed into a truly multi-channel arena. Now Cyber […]

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