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VistaNEO | Radio Access Network Optimization

Smart analytics and automation platform to maximize your subscribers' experience

Product Overview

VistaNEO is a solution for holistic mobile radio access network optimization. It collects millions of subscriber-centric events from call trace data across the mobile network, and correlates it with RAN configuration management (RAN CM) and quality data, turning it into geo-located actionable insights that RAN engineers can leverage to focus on RAN optimization and troubleshooting activities that can truly make a difference.

Key Benefits

Subscriber Phones

Visualize your network with subscribers analytics

By correlating, aggregating and geolocating millions of subscriber centric data events 24/7 across the entire network, VistaNEO provides you with a clearer understanding of the true mobile subscriber experience, allowing for mitigating subscriber quality degradation before they complain. Quickly determining which of your subscribers are being impacted by recurring network issues in a specific area has never been so easy.


Get unique insights through geolocation intelligence

Powered by a patented 3D geo-analytics engine, VistaNEO provides you with unique insights into your subscribers’ behavior such as traffic localization or live 2G/3G/4G coverage maps to leverage in planning and optimization processes. From a high-level view of the network performance to detailed subscriber-specific KPI trends, you gain immediate insights into the performance quality of your network and visualize network experience as perceived by your customers across multiple vendor and access technology areas.


Streamline your optimization processes

VistaNEO allows you to accelerate network optimization by making mobile network and service performance data, including rich and accurate subscriber intelligence and important network configuration settings, available from a single solution. Getting an accurate view of your network’s status, subscriber locations and their service-related issues, along with advanced built-in optimization analytics and root-cause analyses dramatically increases your optimization efficiency.


Increased efficiency with Integrated planning and optimization

Seamless interoperability between Infovista VistaNEO 24/7 live data and Planet RF software can further fuel network planning and radio optimization use cases such as automatic cell planning (ACP), neighbor planning, small cell planning or capacity planning. The ability to generate live maps from Planet data such as coverage, traffic or interference matrices opens a wide range of new possibilities that makes your RF planning procedures more accurate.


Satisfy your high-value subscribers

VistaNEO radio access network optimization helps you to protect high-value mobile revenues by maintaining service quality for enterprise and VIP customers through advanced optimization capabilities that combine subscriber intelligence, network insights and service assurance practices. Taking a subscriber-centric approach to network optimization, VistaNEO ensures consistent network performance and optimal experience for your highest value customers reducing not only subscriber churn, but also both capital (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX).

Features & Use Cases

Cell Tower

Assisted Troubleshooting and Optimization

Through many years of experience and expertise in the extraction and management of configuration management (CM) and multi-vendor network call trace (CT) data, we’ve developed a leading solution with fully assisted RF diagnosis and optimization capabilities.


Leveraging advanced machine learning and AI techniques for calls geolocation, root cause analysis and automated network optimization, you can visualize, track and analyze network performance at the region, cell, device, subscriber and call-event level.


Rich Geo-Spatial Analytics

Combining live network configuration data, network planning plots, troubleshooting insights and optimization updates with 3rd party data sources such as geographic, demographic, and network performance-related data, VistaNEO provides you with unmatched geospatial analytics capabilities


By ingesting virtually any geospatial data source and correlating it with planning and live network data, VistaNEO allows you to extract valuable reports that can serve as the basis for more efficient planning and optimization.

Edge with the phone

Geolocation Intelligence

Thanks to its highly accurate 3D geolocation algorithm, VistaNEO unleashes the possibility to access and visualize the actual network experience enriched with unmatched location awareness.


By correlating highly accurate subscriber location information with network performance, VistaNEO allows you to identify areas with RF issues, analyze traffic/hotspots and troubleshoot solutions.


RAN Configuration Consistency

Daily operational and periodic network expansion activities can cause inconsistencies and errors in the RAN configuration settings affecting network quality.


VistaNEO manages and maintains consistent network configuration parameters across different vendors and access technologies through fully automated configuration consistency check mechanisms and corrective actions to prevent QoS degradation.