Radio engineering training program

Vista Experience (VistaNEO) – User Training

Vista Experience is an enterprise root cause analytics mobile network optimization platform for network quality teams and those managing high value subscribers to combat churn and pro-actively manage subscriber quality expectations by utilizing 24/7 geo-located subscriber aware data.

A powerful and scalable, client server-based solution, Vista Experience allows RAN engineers to drill down and carry out in- depth analysis of live, geo-located, subscriber data records to better understand how the network impacts the subscriber experience and to proactively solve network problems before they truly affect subscribers.

Vista Experience is the platform that collects, processes, and stores data that represents the radio performance experienced by the mobile subscriber. The collected data consists of radio traces (also called as mobile call events), which is a very rich source of Layer 3 information and contains several valuable mobile measurements performed by the UE during connection with the network. This data lacks location information but through the use of sophisticated algorithms, it is possible to get an approximate location for the UE when the event is recorded.

Student Profile

This course is designed for all technical audiences, particularly RAN optimization engineers who will need this course in order to operate and fully utilize the Vista Experience solution. RAN optimization personnel will find this course necessary in order to understand the true capabilities of the system. Due to the nature of the course it is recommended that participants already have prior knowledge in RAN fundamentals, especially in the optimization domain.

Prerequisites and Related Courses

It is recommended that students have a general working knowledge of MapInfo with version 7.8 or higher installed in their workstation, as well as have basic use of Windows applications.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform subscriber analysis which includes worst subscriber analysis and single subscriber trend,
  • Identify problematic areas based on built-in geo-location algorithms,
  • Utilize the smart algorithms for missing neighbor, pollution, overshooting and RF coverage analysis,
  • Perform in-depth cell analysis which includes worst cell and worst domain analysis,
  • Perform blocked call and dropped call analysis experienced by live network subscribers,
  • Provide subscriber experience or network improvement plan based on analysis.

By applying the skills and concepts taught in this course, you will be able to successfully utilize Vista Experience to visualize and optimize radio network related issues.


Course Registration

This course is provided upon demand. To register for this course, please complete the registration form and add your preferred date in the comments field. 

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