Millimeter Wave Propagation and Massive MIMO

Rising demand for new services and applications creates increased capacity requirements in the network. On the path to 5G, existing radio access network technologies will have to evolve to meet the 5G requirements. 5G networks will not be based on one specific radio-access technology. Rather, 5G is a portfolio of multiple solutions addressing the future mobile communication demands and requirements.

In this video, InfoVista expert, Regis Lerbour, Director of Planning & Optimization, talked about early studies and challenges on 5G network planning in three key areas, including millimeter wave propagation, Massive MIMO, and new radio technologies. A range of services in a single universal technology or multiple radio access technologies What can 5G solve today? Network planning and optimization challenges Millimeter Wave Propagation Massive MIMO Infovista provides the ideal platform for wireless ecosystem providers contemplating 5G features for their network of tomorrow.

Duration: 17:41