Autonomous Networks: The role of Infovista in the CSPs journey

At FutureNet World London 2024, Roy Chua from AvidThink sits down with Rick Hamilton, CEO of Infovista, to explore the transformative potential of autonomous networks.

As the industry grapples with tough economic challenges, the role of automation in supporting CSPs becomes critical. Discover how Infovista's 25-year legacy of software expertise and its commitment to open platforms and industry standards empowers carriers to build, test, and run their networks autonomously.

Learn from concrete examples, including Infovista's collaboration with British Telecom, how carriers reimagine network operations and deploy resources effectively. Watch the interview now to unlock insights into the future of autonomous networks.

00:00 Introduction
00:17 Why CSPs should care about Autonomous Networks?
00:59 How Infovista can help get to Autonomous Networks?
2:24 Examples of carriers achieving greater levels of autonomy

Duration: 3:20