Ativa™ for B2B services and 5G network monetization

B2B services over 5G slicing and private networks are bringing great 5G monetization opportunities for operators, but in order to get the expected return on investment, they need the right control over their networks.

Discover together with Muhannad AlAbweh, SVP Presales & Solutions, and Mihai Marius, Senior Sales Engineer at Infovista, an overview of the B2B services that deliver the highest 5G monetization opportunities, which are the main challenges that operators are facing to achieve the expected results and how Infovista’s Ativa™ solutions for Automated Assurance help overcoming them.

00:00 Introduction
00:11 B2B services monetization potential
00:43 Infovista’s Ativa overview
01:06 5G Slicing use case
01:33 Fraud prevention use case
02:04 Achieving success with Infovista

Duration: 3:01