SOP: “SALSA Operations”

Training objectives

“SALSA Operations” training teaches Ipanema administrators how to configure and manage the Ipanema solution thanks to SALSA Central Management System.

Duration 2 days

Training methods

Theoretical presentation with the help of video projection and immediate practical application by the attendees taking part in workshops on the training platforms (2 attendees per platform); the workshops represent most of this training.


  • Support engineers
  • Pre-sales
  • Network administrators
  • Network architects
  • Project managers


  • Knowledge of IP networks (TCP/IP stack)
  • Global knowledge of software apps
  • Good knowledge of the two fundamental features of the solution: Application Visibility and Control (IFB)
  • Knowledge of the advanced features (AAF)


  • SALSA Architecture
  • Domains, Users and License management
  • (SALSA platform configuration)
  • Domain configuration: Application Visibility
    • Configuration & activation
    • Monitoring workshop (Dashboard)
    • Creating Applications
    • Reports & alarms config.
  • Application Control
    • Configuration & activation
  • WAN Optimisation
    • Configuration & activation of Compression
    • Configuration of SSL Optimisation
    • Configuration of Ipanema Mobile Agent
  • Supervision & Maintenance
  • Important reminders, advice