REP: "Reporting"

Training objectives

The “Reporting” course explains InfoVista reports in detail, and shows some case studies and examples of audits conducted leveraging these reports. At the end of this training session, attendees will be able to interpret the Ipanema reports and exploit their richness.

Duration 1 day

Training methods

Theoretical presentations are carried out on video projectors. Attendees have access to real live reports on the training network.


  • Partners: application performance specialists having to draw up technical audits for their customers
  • End-users: anyone having to interpret “raw” Ipanema reports (i.e. reports not already analysed in the framework of a technical audit provided by their MSP/NSP)


  • Good knowledge in networking and software applications
  • Understand the application metrics computed by the Ipanema solution and know how to interpret them (IFB)


  • Using the reports
    • Access to the reports
    • Comprehensive multi-layer Reporting, top-down analysis
    • Temporal aggregation, periodicities
    • SALSA export
  • The reports
    • high level (SLM, SLA)
    • technical (PM, AM, CAM, SA)
    • supervision (FI)
    • specific (VoIP, SAM)
  • Smart planning (Network Rightsizing)
  • Case studies, audits