Service Assurance training program

Infovista® Certified Administrator (IVCA)

The IVCA is first-level certification for the VistaInsight® architecture from Infovista®.  The IVCA exam is designed to test candidates’ understanding of the VistaInsight® platform from an administrator’s point of view.  The exam content is based on the ‘VistaInsight® Platform Administrator’. 

Student Profile

The successful IVCA graduate has a good working knowledge of the VistaInsight® platform and is able to successfully provision, troubleshoot and escalate issues for a VistaInsight® solution.  The IVCA profile is therefore typically one of engineers and service support personnel, as well as technical sales and consultants. 

Prerequisites and Related Courses

Candidates should have attended the ‘VistaInsight® Platform Administrator’ course.  A solid practical and theoretical understanding of the VistaInsight® platform is necessary. 

Exam Format

The IVCA exam is an on-line test comprising multiple-choice questions with a total time limit of 3 hours.  To pass the exam, the candidate must achieve a score of at least 70%.

The exam is an “open-book” exam and can be taken using any workstation having Internet access.  

The candidate must provide the workstation, which possibly has an installed VF solution and specifically all relevant product documentation. The exam is available in English language only. Upon successfully passing the exam, the candidate will receive a certificate with a validity of 2 years. 

IVCA Registration 

The exam is free for all candidates who have followed the ‘VistaInsight® Platform Administrator’.  After the course, they will automatically receive an email inviting them to take the exam. 
For details on taking the certification as an independent candidate, please contact us via e-mail at: