IFB: “Ipanema Features & Benefits"

Training objectives

“Ipanema Features & Benefits” presentation is an presentation and demonstration of Ipanema‘s unique autonomic networking solution’s features and benefits in a dynamic one-day session. It also explains the principles of the two most fundamental features of the solution: Application Visibility and Application Control.
At the end of the session, attendees will understand the application metrics computed by the Ipanema solution and know how to interpret them. They will also know how Control acts on them to protect the critical applications.
This training is also an introduction before any other technical course.

Duration 1 day

Training methods

Theoretical presentation with the help of video projection and immediate demonstrations (with hands on, when the number of attendees and the location of the course allow for it).


  • Anyone, including non-technical people, wishing to discover the Ipanema solution
  • Anyone involved in an Ipanema project who needs to know at least the fundamentals of the solution


  • Global knowledge of IP Wide Area Networks
  • Global knowledge of software applications


  • Ipanema solution overview
    • The WAN: its importance, its problems, the
    • Ipanema solution
    • Ipanema features
    • Ipanema ANS (Autonomous Networking
    • System)
    • Architecture and Appliances
  • Application Visibility
    • Principles, metrics, notion of quality
    • Monitoring: Dashboard
  • Application Control
    • Bandwidth Control, or how to protect the critical applications
  • Tele-managed Sites: no need of Appliances on all Sites!