Service Assurance training program

Ativa™ App user course

Ativa™ App is a solution framework for 5G and IoT monitoring, assurance and analytics that is open and flexible, by design. Ativa™ App collects, analyzes, and correlates events from both physical and software-centric networks and infrastructures, making the “what, where and why” of issues readily clear, regardless of their origin.

This hands-on training provides end users with an overview of the Ativa™ App platform and in-depth instruction on how to use it within their own environment.

Every training includes hands-on practice based on real examples prepared by the trainer. They are based on customer-specific implementations or suggested by the customer based on their specific use cases.

Student Profile
This course is designed for new users of Ativa™ App tasked with monitoring network and subscriber activity by using E2E Search queries, setting packet capture and selective recording.

Prerequisites and Related Courses
Prerequisites: an understanding of mobile and/ or fixed network performance assurance would be beneficial. If your work implies designing reports and dashboards, please register for the Report Designer course. If your work implies Ativa™ App administration, please register for the Administrator course.

System access
It is highly recommended each trainee has his own account configured to access the system during the training.

Course format
This course can be delivered either in-class or remotely through video conference.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand main features and architecture of the Ativa™ App platform
  • Navigate in Ativa™ App portal
  • Work with tracing applications and ladder diagrams
  • Display data in Reports, Dashboards and Alarm Dashboard
  • Configure and run a live recording
  • Save a pcap for specific filter criteria

Course Registration
To register for this course, complete the contact information form or contact us via e-mail at: