Service Assurance training program

Ativa™ App administrator course

System administration is essential for the efficient and reliable performance of any application. This hands-on course is designed to give a first approach to system administrators on how to set up and maintain Ativa™ App. With knowledge about administration, user management and customizing the solution, administrators will build the foundation upon which end users can successfully and efficiently monitor the underlying network.

Student Profile
This course is designed for future Ativa App administrators who will perform user management, auditing, and administration tasks for Ativa App environment.

Prerequisites and Related Courses
None, although an understanding of mobile and/ or fixed network performance assurance would be beneficial. Although the Administrator course does not require to have attended the Ativa™ App user course nor the Ativa App Report Designer course, you may consider registering for them, to better understand end-users needs and to complete your level of expertise.

System access
It is highly recommended each trainee has his own account configured to access the system during the training.

Course format
This course can be delivered either in-class or remotely through video conference.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand main features and architecture of the platform
  • Understand main Kubernetes and Rancher concepts in the Ativa App environment
  • Manage users and roles
  • Work with the user audit capabilities
  • Enrich stored data with Business value information (MDM System Enrichment)
  • Configure various behavior and display options for the Frame viewer and ladder diagram
  • Manage email addresses and distribution lists
  • Customize email settings and content for scheduled reports
  • Configure normalization
  • Understand correlation
  • Perform high-level monitoring of Ativa App system health through Grafana
  • Work with Ativa App API

Course Registration
To register for this course, complete the contact information form or contact us via e-mail at: