ASU: “Advanced Support”

Training objectives

“Advanced Support” course shows the Ipanema System administrators how to customize the System through the use of the advanced parameters of the different components, to exploit the richness of reporting and to resolve a ny incident thanks to the debug commands.

Duration 3 days

Note: this course is reasonably intensive and requires the presence and attention of the attendees for the duration of the class

Training methods

Theoretical presentation with the help of a video projector and immediate practical application by the attendees taking part in workshops on the training platforms (2 attendees per platform)

● Support engineers
● Network administrators

● A good knowledge of networks, mainly in TCP/IP protocols, is required
● Having attended training and having successfully passed ICOS certification
● Having first-hand practical experience of the Ipanema system (several months)

You shall automatically be enrolled on ICAS certification exam after the end of the course; then you shall have one month to take it.


  • Refresh
  • Latest Products & Features (all new features and enhancements brought to the solution (both software and hardware) in the latest two major releases (covering approx. one year))
  • Advanced configuration
    • Manual changes in the configuration file
    • SALSA reporting
    • Clusters, HSRP
    • ip|engines: ASR, Twin & Stack
  • Command Line Interface
  • Helpdesk flowcharts
    • Check Ethernet / Topology / Apps
    • Check a QoS profile (BW objective)
    • User Call
    • Check an equipped Site
    • Appliance supervision
  • Reports
    • Advanced case studies
  • Troubleshooting
    • Read the commands
    • Make a dump
    • Problems of physical / IP / App connectivity
    • Sniffing traffic
  • Advanced principles & debugging
    • Visibility: ip|true, ip|sync, RTG, reporting
    • Control: ip|fast
    • WAN opt.: ip|xcomp, ip|ma, SSL opt