AAF: “Appliances & Advanced Features”

Training objectives

During the first half of the course, “Appliances & Advanced Features” presents the range of ipanema Appliances and explains how to install them, in multiples deployment cases. During the second half of the course, advanced WAN Optimisation and Hybrid WAN features are introduced.

Duration 1 day

Someone who would only want to learn about ipanema Appliances (typically an Installer) can attend only the first half of the course (i.e. the morning).
On the opposite, we do not recommend someone who only wants to learn about advanced features to only attend the second half: indeed, it is necessary to know the range of Appliances and the features they support to deploy these features.

Training methods

Theoretical presentation with the help of a video projector and immediate practical application by the attendees taking part in workshops on the training platforms (2 attendees per platform).


  • Installer
  • Anyone who needs to know about the advanced features


  • Good knowledge in networking and software applications
  • Good knowledge of Application Control (leveraged by all the advanced features;


  • Product range
  • Installation of ipanema Appliances
  • Deployment cases
  • WAN Optimisation
    • Compression
    • SSL Optimisation
    • Ipanema Mobile Agent
  • Hybrid WAN (overview)
    • Dynamic WAN Selection
    • WAN Security