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IMS-based services are more complex than any previous technology generation. The interaction between clients, codecs, and the network; the complexity of SIP, and the self-healing nature of IP, all contribute to a challenging troubleshooting environment that requires comprehensive, real-time end-to-end testing.

TEMS was the first independent test vendor to analyze VoLTE in a live network, and we continue to lead as IMS services are deployed worldwide. We offer complete, cost-effective test and monitoring solutions, proven in lab and field, ensuring our customers can make the transition to VoLTE and beyond with the quality level subscribers expect.

Deploy and operate VoLTE, Voice over WiFi and
RCS services with confidence

TEMS™ Sense for end-to-end active testing

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Maximising Operational Performance of VoLTE in a multi-vendor environment

A short guide to assuring your VoLTE service rollout

This booklet aims to help Network Operations and Service Assurance organizations provide the most reliable and best quality service to their customers by enabling the operation teams to reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) as much as possible through a variety of techniques.

Radio Network

Benefit from our Access Network Expertise

TEMS offers the world’s leading tools for tuning, verification, troubleshooting, site acceptance, optimization, quality monitoring, and competitive benchmarking.

  • Comprehensive reporting and troubleshooting of IP-based protocols (SIP, RTP, RTCP) and RF layer 3 (signaling, measurements, and control functions)
  • Quality of experience measurements using PESQ and P.OLQA
  • Flexible, powerful, and efficient data collection options, with accurate and consistent measurements across all tools
  • Remote monitoring and management of field data collection and analysis
  • The industry’s most comprehensive and powerful post-processing, statistical and real-time KPI reporting solutions, deployed locally or over the cloud

Fast and comprehensive device support

Our tiered device integration model enables both fast startup and feature-rich troubleshooting


Fast startup for technology deployment and verification

Standard & Advanced
Standard & Advanced

Advanced TEMS™ functionality with and without trace logging


For 24x7 testing and monitoring

Core Network

For the core network: troubleshoot faster

TEMS provides proactive load, functional, regression and user acceptance testing for IMS services in the core network, with cloud-based central management of both 24x7 monitoring and manual test case execution.

TEMS active testing solution accesses services as subscribers do, independent of subscriber traffic, enabling issues such as element stability and interoperability, latencies, timing mismatches, performance issues, queue overloads and many others to be rapidly identified and resolved, with passive probe and trace data used to support problem resolution.

Test with virtualized agents or real devices

Using a real device

Using a real device

System Under Test:
User Device, Service, Network

Simulating a device

Simulating a device

System Under Test:
Service, Network

Using a Virtual Machine

Using a Virtual Machine

System Under Test:

Using a Server or VM

Using a Server or VM

System Under Test:
Individual Network Node

Depending on the desired system under test, testing can be performed using virtual agents in the core network or real devices across radio and core.

In some cases, deployment can be carried out in hours, enabling a very rapid view of the functioning of the IMS service.

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