Understand and optimize the data services
that drive traffic growth

Video and over-the-top applications dominate subscriber attention and data consumption, and the experience of these services will increasingly determine customer satisfaction. But assessing these services as subscribers perceive them requires addressing challenges ranging from technical issues such as encryption to modelling issues such as the range of quality expectations that subscribers apply to different services at different times.

TEMS are experts in the testing and monitoring of service quality. The TEMS portfolio provides visibility into subscriber experience and troubleshooting of issues for all types of video, conversational, streaming and broadcast, as well as insight into both the performance of over-the-top applications and the impact they have on other network traffic.

Optimize the traffic that drives data growth and subscriber satisfaction

Measuring and Monitoring Video Performance

The TEMS portfolio aims to break through the complexity and simplify the task of video testing, providing you with a clear end-to-end view covering the different domains: RF, IP, Control/Application and Video/Audio.

  Conversational Streaming video Video Broadcast
Video Type


Realtime, Bi-Directional (ViLTE)

Streaming video

Pre-Recorded, Unicast (commercial and free content)

Video Broadcast

Realtime, Multicast (eMBMS, IPTV)
What to Measure
  • Call control performance
    • VoLTE KPIs
    • Player session performance
  • QoE (MoS)
    • Media KPIs, jitter, loss
  • Session performance
    • Accessibility and retainability
  • QoE (MoS)
    • Media and buffer KPIs
  • Bearer and service performance
  • Latency
  • Lipsync
TEMS Portfolio Support
  • Supported access across radio and core network products
  • Measurement of MoS using VQmon
  • Support across radio and core network products
  • Full reference perceptual model designed for use over HTTPS (PEVQ-S)
  • Qualcomm eMBMS

Download our white paper

Video Streaming Delivery Testing

How mobile video streaming delivery impacts QoE testing

Our latest white paper examines the challenges of delivering mobile video streaming services and provides some basic insights on the video signal itself as well as architecture, protocols and client aspects.

It’s essential reading for network and video content delivery optimization engineers as well for video streaming technology developers and device engineers looking to master service delivery techniques and best practice QoE solutions.

Understanding Over-The-Top Applications

Over-the-top applications are not standardized, utilizing a range of protocols, and encryption methods vary. The TEMS portfolio supports testing of a wide range of applications as they are most commonly used by subscribers, and we offer on-demand development of support for additional applications and use scenarios within a flexible framework.

Rapid OTT service support with faster time to market

Support for chat services, social media and Cloud based storage services

Key Features

Video and OTT applications

Support for Video KPIs

Support for Video KPIs

Comprehensive set of KPI’s around IP delivery of video (SIP, RTP, TCP, etc.)

Quality of Experience Scoring

Quality of Experience Scoring

Quality of Experience MOS scoring using PEVQ, PEVQ-S and VQMon (video) and P.OLQA (OTT voice)

Comprehensive Access Network Testing

Comprehensive Access Network Testing

Best-in-class RF layer KPI’s and control functions for access network testing

Standardized Data Collection

Standardized Data Collection

Standardized data collection across the toolset allowing correlation of measurement data across a wide range of use-cases

Joined up Reporting and Analysis

Joined up Reporting and Analysis

Joined-up reporting and analysis with ability to correlated RF to IP to video and audio performance

Versatile Test Framework

Versatile Test Framework

The most versatile test framework of any active test tool on the market

Radio Network Products

For the radio access network, we offer the world’s leading drive, walk and analytics solutions for access network optimization, with feature-rich support for capable devices.

  • TEMS Investigation

    the industry standard for network engineering

  • TEMS Discovery

    powerful post-processing and reporting with purpose-build analytics packages

  • TEMS Pocket

    for ultraportable indoor and outdoor testing

  • TEMS Voyager

    fully autonomous testing of mobile subscriber experience


Core Network and Operations Products

TEMS Sense

IMS, VoLTE, LTE and OTT service and application testing


TEMS Sense

TEMS™ Sense provides proactive functional, regression, user acceptance and load testing for IMS services in the core network, and 24x7 monitoring for operations, with cloud-based central management of both automated and manual test case execution.

Test with virtualized agents or real devices: depending on the desired system under test, testing can be performed using virtual agents in the core network or real devices across radio and core.

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