Optimize return on
network investments

The traditional process for managing network investments is manual, expensive, and usually targets network performance rather than directly targeting the end goal, subscriber experience. Modern Big Data approaches promise better results, but can be as complex and expensive as the manual processes they replace.

The TEMS™ Portfolio offers two unique, complementary analytics solutions that deliver deeper insight into the current performance of the network, dramatically improve returns on future investment, and require less cost to deploy and maintain.

Integrated workflow solutions for all technology generations

TEMS GeoBase

A powerful analytical platform to connect data sources

TEMS GeoBase is a new, high resolution, geospatial analytical platform offering revolutionary, highly granular resolution, right down to the square meter (m2).

Several hundred KPIs are included in its site-ranking analytic module, delivering an unprecedented level of detail and information. In addition, multiple radio bands are analyzed to provide a complete picture of the network.

Importantly, our solution can perform tasks in a matter of hours that would normally take 8–10 people around two months to complete. With TEMS GeoBase, the process takes less than an hour and needs just a few mouse clicks!

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Analyze CAPEX
Analyze CAPEX
Make cost savings
Make cost savings
Deliver incisive analytics
Deliver incisive analytics
Understand your network
Understand your network

Capacity Manager

Simplify Mobile Network Capacity Management and Planning

Mobile networks are experiencing unprecedented growth in data traffic, as consumers and businesses increasingly rely on their smart devices. It means that managing, and planning for, network capacity is becoming increasingly complex for wireless operators.

TEMS Capacity Manager continually analyzes near real-time traffic and network configuration data to show splanners and optimizers exactly how each RAN and backhaul element is meeting the target customer experience KPIs, when they will need expanding, and why.

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To learn more about TEMS analytics products for network engineering and proactive service assurance:

TEMS Sense

IMS, VoLTE, LTE and OTT service and application testing


TEMS Sense

Proactive end-to-end testing and monitoring of service performance with analytics to resolve issues faster.

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TEMS Discovery

powerful post-processing and reporting with purpose-build analytics packages


TEMS Discovery

the industry’s most powerful tool for custom and near real-time post-processing

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