Leadership in Technology and Service Deployment

The new IP-based networks introduce complex, subtle interoperability challenges

We provide comprehensive, early support for deployment in every technology generation, and bring that experience to all TEMS™ customers, with a focus on enabling operators and service providers to deploy with confidence that the desired subscriber quality will be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

VoLTE, Voice over WiFi and Rich Communications

Ascom was the first independent test vendor to analyze VoLTE in a live network and we continue to lead as IMS services are deployed worldwide. We offer complete, cost-effective test and monitoring, proven in lab and field.

Indoor and Heterogeneous Networks

We are the only vendor to offer integrated solutions covering both indoor and outdoor HetNet deployments, ensuring our customers can ensure capacity, availability and quality of service, including seamless interaction between the new site and the macro network overlay.

Video and Over-The-Top Applications

Ascom are experts in the testing and monitoring of service quality. The TEMS portfolio provides visibility into subscriber experience and troubleshooting of issues for all types of video, as well as insight into both the performance of over-the-top applications and the impact they have on other network traffic.

LTE and LTE-Advanced

We provide an integrated range of end-to-end planning, field testing, verification, optimization, competitive benchmarking, and quality monitoring tools that enable our customers to deliver networks that meet and exceed subscriber expectations, and a range of service options to suit customer workflows.

Our customers are under pressure to transform to compete like never before

We offer a range of solutions to enable customers aimed at driving both lower spend and better results from both OPEX and CAPEX across the radio network, the core network, and in operations.

Transformational Change in Operations

Efficient Drive Test and Competitive Benchmarking

We support the world’s most quality conscious operators, service providers, and regulators with rollout, optimization and benchmarking programs. With the ongoing need to reduce operational spend, we are focused on bringing down the cost drive test, with clear visibility for senior management and no compromise to the quality of results.

Proactive and Virtualized Service Assurance

Our proactive service assurance tests services and applications end-to-end, isolating the fault domain, and providing the focal point for analysis and improvement activities. Our solution captures the complex interplay between all the components that make up the service chain, including parts that are beyond the operator’s control.

Analytics for Optimization of Network Investments

The TEMS™ Portfolio offers two unique, complementary analytics solutions that deliver deeper insight into the current performance of the network, dramatically improve returns on future investment, and require less cost to deploy and maintain.

Find Your TEMS Product

  • TEMS™ Investigation
  • TEMS™ Pocket
  • TEMS™Automatic
  • TEMS™Discovery
  • TEMS™ FleetManager
  • TEMS™ GeoBase
  • TEMS™Capacity Manager
  • TEMS™ Monitor Master
  • TEMS™ Monitor Master IMS
  • TEMS™ Investigation

    TEMS™ Investigation

    Drive testing solution for mobile networks

    TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot the QoE of HetNet RAN and services from a subscriber perspective for in-vehicle, in-building and pedestrian-area testing scenarios.

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  • TEMS™ Pocket

    TEMS™ Pocket

    Ultraportable network testing solution for indoor/ outdoor

    TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. From HetNet planning and design, to deployment and optimization, TEMS Pocket enables you to test your network from a user’s perspective in any location.

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  • TEMS™Automatic

    TEMS™ Automatic

    Autonomous testing 24/7

    TEMS Automatic is the market leader in unattended testing and verification of mobile networks. A TEMS Automatic system enables you to automate your ways of working and collect the right data, in the right place, at the right time, in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

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  • TEMS™Discovery

    TEMS™ Discovery

    Collect and analyze virtually limitless amounts of mobile network data

    TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform, providing mobile operators and their service providers with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by subscribers at the device, application and network level.

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  • TEMS™ FleetManager

    TEMS™ FleetManager

    Complete, powerful fleet management for operational drive testing

    TEMS FleetManager is a cloud-based tool that allows wireless operators to remotely distribute test drive instructions to their teams, view and monitor driver and test progress in real-time, and interact with the data collection process from anywhere.

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  • TEMS™ GeoBase

    TEMS™ GeoBase

    A comprehensive solution for geolocated network analytics

    TEMS GeoBase is a new, high resolution, geospatial analytical platform offering revolutionary, highly granular resolution, right down to the square meter. Delivering an unprecedented level of detail, TEMS GeoBase can perform tasks in a matter of hours and need only a few mouse clicks!

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  • TEMS™Capacity Manager

    TEMS™ Capacity Manager

    Simplify Mobile Network Capacity Management and Planning

    TEMS Capacity Manager enables you to meet the capacity expansion challenge of your mobile network, without compromising customer service levels and satisfaction. Using TEMS Capacity Manager, you are able to better identify when expansion is needed, to defer RAN CAPEX expenditure, and carefully manage scarce capital in their network’s expansion.

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  • TEMS™ Monitor Master

    TEMS™ Monitor Master

    Test service and applications end-to-end with proactive service assurance

    TEMS Monitor Master tests services and applications end-to-end, isolating the fault domain, and providing the focal point for analysis and improvement activities. It captures the complex interplay between all the components that make up the service chain, including parts that are beyond the operator’s control.

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  • TEMS™ Monitor Master IMS

    TEMS™ Monitor Master IMS

    Proactive Service Assurance for VoLTE and IMS Services

    Actively test and monitor VoLTE, VoWiFi and other IMS services with TEMS Monitor Master IMS. TEMS Monitor Master IMS reduces the time, risk and cost of deploying and operating IMS network services. It's a solution that provides end-to-end visibility of performance, allowing you to react to problems before they impact subscribers.

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