Radically Improve Mobile Network Capacity
Management and Expansion Planning

TEMS Capacity Manager fundamentally restructures capacity expansion planning based on customer experience metrics.

Mobile networks are experiencing unprecedented growth in data traffic, as consumers and businesses increasingly rely on their smart devices. It means that managing, and planning for, network capacity is becoming increasingly complex for wireless operators.

So how can they meet the capacity expansion challenge while staying focused on customer experience targets?

Total RAN Visibility

TEMS Capacity Manager, TEMS' mobile network capacity planning and management solution, provides carriers with total RAN visibility. It offers insight into when and where potential capacity bottlenecks might occur, which resources are likely to be constrained, and offers scenario analysis capabilities for assessing the impact of potential remedies.

"What-If?" Scenarios

Use TEMS Capacity Manager to perform sensitive "What-if?" analysis scenarios – witness the effect of added capacity on surrounding sites, identify areas for network remediation, and efficiently prioritize where and when to expand the network.

Advanced Analytics and Simulations

Our solution uses OSS actual traffic data to drive advanced analytics and simulations – creating an accurate representation of resource utilization for every carrier in every sector. The simulation captures the complex non-linearities that arise from both the traffic mix and the effects of soft capacity in the RAN environment, to identify where resource constraints could cause the customer experience to fall below target QoE levels.

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Use Cases

Optimise CAPEX and OPEX

Using TEMS Capacity Manager, customers have been able to better identify when expansion is needed, and to defer RAN CAPEX expenditure, and carefully manage scarce capital in their network’s expansion. TEMS Capacity Manager is used to significantly simplify the complex network expansion workflow, improving both CAPEX and OPEX efficiency.

Optimise Capacity Management based on User Experience

TEMS Capacity Manager uses sophisticated analysis techniques to efficiently manage network resources. It can evaluate the capacity state of the radio access network, immediately highlight areas for remediation, and provide predictions on impending capacity limitations. The reports generated can help operators to improve overall network engineering efficiency.

Create "What if?" Scenarios

TEMS Capacity Manager can create a customized model for each network element, which allows users to evaluate the impact of network changes, and experiment with the effect of configuration changes, varying traffic loads, constrained resources, and other special events on a network. In turn, this provides insight into how best to remediate a capacity problem.

Perform Element Level Trending through Forecasting

Perform element level trending with TEMS Capacity Manager’s top-down and bottom-up forecasting. This combination of forecasting can project traffic growth for every measured cell/sector/carrier and accurately estimate the date on which capacity will be exhausted. Having an accurate idea of when capacity will be diminished can help operators better manage capacity expansion project lead times, and improve CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.

Create Expansion Plans based on User Experience

The detailed capacity modelling performed by TEMS Capacity Manager takes into account user experience KPIs, in addition to network element engineering KPIs. These KPIs provide analyses on different network resources and the effect they have on session quality. Planning expansions based on user experience KPIs makes it easier to provide a consistent user experience across the entire network and for a wide range of network hardware configurations.

Devise Spectrum Re-farming Strategies

TEMS Capacity Manager helps customers to efficiently expand their macro layer cellular network in a just-in-time manner. At some point, spectrum will become exhausted and the only way to resolve capacity issues is to offload to a small cell or hetnet (micro) layer. Comparing element level trending with spectrum availability allows for a micro layer strategy to be evolved just-in-time, and assists in devising spectrum re-farming strategies that can maintain high levels of user experience.

Vendor OSS Support

TEMS Capacity Manager already supports the required data feeds from all Ericsson, Huawei, and ZTE OSS's for 2G, 3G (WCDMA) and 4G (LTE) networks, in addition to Nokia 2G and 3G networks. Integration of any other vendor’s OSS into the solution will only take two months from project launch.

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